10 Year Anniversary

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10 Year Anniversary | MSP | MSSP | Collabrance

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This year marks a big milestone in the Collabrance journey as we celebrate 10 years of helping Solution Providers in the IT Channel grow their managed services business.

The Future of Collabrance

Cheers to an amazing 10 years and many more to come!

We've been fortunate to expand our business over the last 10 years. Since we started in 2009, we have learned a lot, as well as gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of how we can also help others achieve greater success in the managed IT services industry.

As we look forward to our future, we know our continual success heavily depends on our entire community including team members, MSPs, vendors, end-user customers and even our competition - we can't do it without you. We're excited to use this moment to reflect on the past 10 years, look ahead to evolve our business with critical strategic initiatives, and also celebrate all we've accomplished together.


Video Above: Collabrance Team Members share what they are grateful for during our 10 year anniversary celebration.

10 Milestones to Celebrate 10 Great Years

As we reflect on our story, we want to pause and give thanks to...

Technicians in the NOC smiling | MSP| Collabrance

#1 - Team Members & Team Culture

When Collabrance hires a new team member for a job opening, we look for attitude first, aptitude second. In fact, we include multiple employees during our interview process to ensure candidates are a good fit and will thrive with their team. Our team members are the foundation of our company culture, something we care about this deeply and hold sacred at Collabrance. Every team member plays a role in preserving it, sharing it and embracing it.


Sales Meeting | MSP | Collabrance

#2 - Progressive Service Providers

Collabrance works with MSPs in the IT Channel who are eager to scale their managed services business. They understand the value in outsourcing, and focus their efforts on the growth and vision of their company. Just as culture is important to our internal team members, we also work with MSPs whose company culture aligns well with ours. As an extension of each other’s teams, we are alongside each other to celebrate the highs and overcome the lows. If they aren’t successful, we aren’t successful. (Hear what MSPs say when working with Collabrance, view testimonials).

Datto Partner | MSP | Collabrance

#3 - Technology Vendor Suppliers

Collabrance continuously evaluates and manages vendors to continuously enhance our technology stack. We are dedicated to providing MSPs and their end-user customers with effective IT solutions that meet their current and future needs. We help provide MSPs with vendor products and services, but we also leverage each other to help the MSP community whether we are speaking at each other’s events, webinars, or blogs. (Checkout where we will be next, view events).


#4 - Top Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Recognition

Technology evolves at a rapid rate, and cybersecurity evolves even faster. Collabrance continuously enhances our MSSP Offering to meet the needs of SMBs, as well as help MSPs differentiate and capture more opportunity. As a leader in the industry we are honored to be recognized most recently by CIO Review, MSSP Alert and Enterprise Security Magazine. (Visit our blog to checkout our latest news).


GreaAmerica Building Flooded | Collabrance

#5 - Proven Business Continuity Plan & Backup Disaster Recovery Building

Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Collabrance has experienced two major floods (2008, 2016). Luckily, we had efficient Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) plans go into place. As a result, we were able to continue business as usual without MSPs or their customers ever knowing we were displaced from our headquarters. As a best practice, we actually practice our BDR plans regularly by going offsite to our BDR Center, working and making sure we have everything we proactively need… in the case that we need it. We’ve experienced our BDR plan in action, and share our best practices with MSPs to also help customers.

HDI Certified Technicians | MSSP | Collabrance

#6 - Commitment & Ability to Maintain Service Excellence

High-service standards is so important to Collabrance, that customer satisfaction is part of our monthly metrics for bonus compensation and keep it top of mind to motivate team members. New employees go through HDI training to understand ways we can empathize with customers and resolve their IT issues while providing an exceptional experience. Our open working environment allows us to not only cross train, but be exposed to each other’s conversations to understand how we can best serve customers. This helps contribute to our ability to maintain an average 97%+ customer satisfaction rating and 95% remote resolution rate with our MSP Offering.

#7 - Employee & Customer Growth

The more we expand our team, the more MSPs we can help, and the more end-user customers we can serve. The excitement grows in tandem. When Collabrance first started, we focused on helping Office Equipment Dealers extend their business by getting into Managed IT Services. As we matured, we expanded opportunities to work with MSPs who already have a current book of business but need help overcoming stagnant growth, and want to scale faster. As Collabrance has grown, so have the opportunities within our company for team members. Everyone is encouraged and challenged to pave a career path that will be rewarding and fulfilling for them as an individual. The growth of Collabrance has been exciting and we’re only getting started.

#8 - Best Practices & Education in the IT Channel

Being in the managed services industry, we’re here to help. Whether you’re working directly with Collabrance or not, we eagerly enjoy sharing our best practices, knowledge and/or experience if it can help others. Through our managed services blog, we share weekly posts on topics circulating in the industry. We host training events with thought leaders at our headquarters that focuses on Sales and Marketing in the Managed Services Space. We also present at least quarterly webinars on topics like lead generation, selling, cybersecurity, etc.

Tony Golobic | GreatAmerica | Collabrance

#9 - Making Time for Fun, Celebrating Successes & Sharing Rewards

Yes, it’s part of our company culture and included as one of our core principles… we work in a fast-pace industry, but we always “Make time for fun, celebrate successes and share rewards!” Some of the ways we do this are by regular team outings, monthly WOW Awards for providing exceptional service experiences, frequent social outings in the community with our networking group, and one of our favorites… our Annual Employee Awards Banquet. Our team has so much fun, you can also often times find us spending even more time together outside of work, formal or not!

GreatAmerica Building | Collabrance | Cedar Rapids IA

#10 - Hard Work. Integrity. Excellence. 

It’s part of our parent company’s logo and business concept. These are three traits we strive to live up to, and take pride in both at GreatAmerica and Collabrance. When it comes to hard work, we surround ourselves with team-members and customers who are goal-oriented. Integrity is important in our work and who we work with, internal and external… just like our determination to provide excellence in everything we do. We hold high-standards because we care about delivering the best of our ability. These are some of our differentiators that sets us apart, and will enable us to achieve continuous growth in our future.



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