The Downside of NOT Using Managed IT Services for a Customer

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Mar 15, 2016

How Technology Affects a Customers Most Precious Commodities: Time and Money


It can be easy to overlook the major impact technology can have on a business. Service Providers must help businesses understand just how much technology affects their business. As dependence on technology continues to grow, so does the impact that technology has on a business when it isn’t working properly. The implications of downtime are painful for those who have experienced it and a looming threat for those who haven’t.

Here are a few of the financial impacts of NOT investing in Managed IT Services:

  • Lost money paying wages for employees who can’t work and/or work on IT issues instead of focusing on their primary job
  • Lost revenue associated with transactions you can’t complete when systems are down
  • Lost data associated with a failure or outage that cannot be recovered
  • Employee and customer turnover as a result of a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver on your commitments
  • Fines related to compliance and regulation issues

The traditional IT model cannot prevent or address the implications above. And actually, in a traditional, reactive IT model, customers could lose even more money waiting for their IT provider to respond.

For those customers who cannot afford to deal with these types of IT issues, a Managed IT Services plan is the answer. Customers can displace some of their current IT costs and avoid many of the IT costs that have burdened them in the past, ultimately saving them time and money.

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