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Mar 09, 2016

Why You Should Measure Both Internal and External Performance

Obviously customer satisfaction is important, but I would argue not to forget about your internal team’s satisfaction too. A good service program includes a way for stakeholders to provide their input in efforts to improve satisfaction. A great service program understands just how important customer and employee satisfaction is, and makes it part of the business strategy.

Here are three reasons why you should include both internal and external input in your business strategy:

  1. Identify Opportunities to Improve
    • Tailor your services to expressed needs and feedback. Perfecting your processes will help keep retention high.
  2. Provide Constituents with a Voice
    • Stay connected with customers and team members. Lack of team member engagement will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.
  3. Know What’s Working Well
    • Don’t assume everything is going well. Confirm it’s going well with internal and external input so you can focus your time in other areas that need improvement.

Implementing surveys is a great way to easily gather feedback. The critical piece is developing and adhering to a follow-up process that identifies ways to use the input to improve satisfaction. After pulling the results of both internal and external surveys, it should be a high priority to create action plans based on the feedback and communicate the strategies to stakeholders. If customers or team members believe that action is never taken based on their feedback, they will stop providing it. On the flip side, feedback that is acknowledged and acted upon will strengthen your relationships.

How important is satisfaction to you? At Collabrance, employee engagement is measured on a regular basis with action plans developed based on the feedback. Upon resolution of every incident, we provide customer’s the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey. Customer satisfaction is so important to us that it’s built in to our bonus goals. Our collection of highly-engaged, customer-focused team members currently have an average service satisfaction score of 4.8 on a 5 point scale and we continually seek internal and external feedback to look for ways to improve!

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Hollie Braid

Hollie Braid, Director of Service Delivery, is responsible for unified, strategic leadership in service areas, including service activation, preventative maintenance, user support, training and quality. Prior to joining Collabrance in 2009, Hollie started at GreatAmerica in 2006. Before working at GreatAmerica, Hollie worked in IT for Verizon. Hollie joined GreatAmerica as a member of the Service Desk. In 2007, she became the support behind the GreatAmerica FleetView product. Hollie was part of the team that launched Collabrance, and in 2011 she became the Service Team Leader. Hollie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.

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