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Apr 26, 2016

Changing Circumstances and Your Response, can Make or Break Your Managed IT Services Lead

“If a prospect doesn’t use our Managed IT Services offering, I know I’m letting them down because I understand the value we can provide to them.”

-Preston Woolfolk, DOCUmation

Preston's passion towards DOCUmation’s Managed IT Services program is reflected in the success they’ve seen. I recently did an interview with Preston, Director of Managed IT Services at DOCUmation. During our conversation, he spoke about a prospect he presented to back in 2012. He remembered that they were unable to close the deal at the time because the customer felt DOCUmation’s offering was too new and lacked credibility. This really bothered Preston, so much so, that he went back to this prospect three years later to see how DOCUmation could help them.

In 2015, DOCUmation went to the prospect and not only proved their credibility, but overcame objections and quickly closed the deal. “Sometimes, it just takes time to close a deal,” said Preston. This stood out to me because DOCUmation was patient, never forgot about that customer and they were committed to helping them.

Whether a lead is three years old, or three months old, there is proof that there is potential in going back to those older leads to see if circumstances have changed for their Managed IT Service needs. Sometimes you have to have the patience and discipline to wait until a customer is in pain or ready to make a change. Don’t leave your leads behind if you know you can help them.

Download the full case study with DOCUmation to learn how they were able to close the deal, the second time around.


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