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Apr 21, 2016

How Sales Simplicity Seminars are Different and Can Help You Close More MSP Sales

The sales training industry is packed full of unique selling strategies, all with their own versions of “value added selling.” These approaches can be self-serving and encourage you to talk about yourself, your solutions, and the value you bring to the table. I attended the Sales Simplicity Seminar where they showed us why this isn’t as effective. Instead, CharTec teaches you how to stop talking about yourself, and focus on solving the customers pain points to close more sales.

The CharTec approach revolves around question-based selling. Attendees were taught what strategic questions to ask the prospect to identify pain points and areas of opportunity. Through this diligent assessment process, we’re able to develop a value-based, cost-justified proposal which satisfies the CharTec 5 prerequisites for selling. Finally, the Sales Simplicity Seminar trained us how to confidently present and close a sale by:

  • Properly identify current problems
  • Anticipate objections and kill alternatives
  • Deliver a solution to remediate the underlying business issues perceived most valuable by the decision maker

Attendees find incredible value in this training and our Partners have seen an immediate return on their investment. I’d encourage anyone wanting to transform their business to attend the Sales Simplicity Seminars to effectively sell Everything-as-a-Service.

Dave Finegold from West-Tech attended the session in April 2016 and said, “The sales training was extremely humbling. Just when you think you have it all together, you attend an event that really changes your paradigm and instills a new way of thinking.”

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