Part 3 of 3: Results from the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Training

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Jun 07, 2016

Good MSP Values Result in Good MSP Business

To satisfy your customers, first start by satisfying your team. When you treat your employees well, it can have a big impact on your entire company.

Your employees are your differentiator, the heart of your business, and what drive results. Employees who feel appreciated find their work rewarding and create a positive environment for others. This creates stability and camaraderie that keeps employees connected to each other, and the company. For you, this can mean less turnover and more tenured employees. When your employees are happy, your customers will receive better service. When customers have outstanding service, they come back, tell others, and help build your reputation.

The benefits of creating memorable experiences are all tied together and can result in:
          • Happier employees
          • Greater stability
          • Less turnover
          • More tenured employees
          • Higher employee retention
          • More satisfied customers
          • Stronger customer loyalty
          • Better company reputation
          • Added revenue

To keep this top of mind at GreatAmerica, we have a standing committee focused on helping the entire company provide "The GreatAmerica Experience" to others. GreatAmerica also gave out 276 “WOW Awards” last year recognizing employees who went above and beyond to provide "The GreatAmerica Experience" and WOWed the customer.

Jennifer Blackmon from the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center explained when a customer takes time to share how your employees provided exceptional service, it’s important to share it with the entire company. Those stories are what build your brand and help remind your team how they can create memorable service experiences.

If you value your customers, you have to value your team. Take good care of your employees, and it will result in them taking good care of your customers, and your business.

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