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Aug 23, 2016

Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, Fosters the GreatAmerica Innovation Culture

Innovation is key to continued success and in finding ways to grow your business each and every day. Last week GreatAmerica Financial Services brought in Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, for a leadership training to become more effective leaders and remind us innovation comes in all sizes, but it must start with “me.” When it comes to being innovative at work, here are 3 things Eckert encourages you to do:
  1. Think Big

    : We all hope to come up with our company’s next big idea and innovative solution, but are we looking in the right places? The most effective innovations can actually come from inspiration outside your industry. Inspire your employees by offering them opportunities to learn from outside sources. Listen to all the “crazy” ideas, and you may just find your next big thing.
  2. Think Small

    : We all know not to sweat the small stuff, but when it comes to innovation, the small stuff can make the biggest impact. Understand there are a lot of small innovations that went into that “big idea.” Create conditions that recognize all of the small innovations and creativity that go into a big idea. Open your environment for more employees to take action on those small innovations without being afraid of being “wrong.”
  3. Start with "you"

    : When you read this, I want you read this as, “It starts with me.” Any culture change must start at an individual level. You as a CEO, leader, or general employee must take it upon yourself to be the change you want to see in your organization. Start being an innovative leader today!

Innovation at GreatAmerica is always strongly encouraged. Being an innovative leader helps you be better equipped to solve problems. Eckert left us with a new found understanding and a step-by-step implementation plan for fostering innovation. If you’d like to know more about what an Innovation Expert can teach your business, visit Eckert's website here. Innovation can come from every aspect of your business, are you listening to it?

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