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Aug 09, 2016

Sales Simplicity Seminar Improves Everything-as-a-Service Sales

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the most recent Sales Simplicity Seminar offered to Service Providers. The session was packed with attendees eager to sell Everything-as-a-Service. While there were business owners and tech support in attendance, a majority of the participants were in a sales or SME role.

During the Sales Simplicity Seminar, CharTec discussed some mistakes Service Providers make when selling Everything-as-a-Service, how it impacts your success and how to overcome them to improve your sales:

  • Mistake #1 - Service Providers can’t wait to start pitching their solution. Most sales people attempt to sell too early in the sales process.
    • Solution: When it comes to selling managed services, one of the biggest takeaways from this past training with CharTec is to – WAIT TO MAKE THE SALE! Curiosity is what keeps the deal moving forward. Therefore, it is your network assessment that needs to take center stage and hold the primary focus, NOT your solution. A quality network assessment can make or break a deal. Do the network assessment first before presenting your solution and proposal.
  • Mistake #2 - Service Providers don’t fully assess the current network.
    • Solution: Take the time to fully understand the current and future technical requirements of the network so the appropriate solution can be configured and implemented. Properly gathering the correct information upfront allows you to create the best solution for your customer, and avoid long-term headaches that could have been avoided with a thorough network assessment.
  • Mistake #3 - Service Providers don’t meet with ALL of the key influencers during the network assessment.
    • Solution: Meet with key influencers at ALL levels within an organization with the goal to fully understand, at a personal level, their individual needs and gain their agreement to the benefits of your solutions. You can add credibility to your proposal by involving these people in your closing presentation. Make sure you quantify the value of your solution and gain agreement from each of the participants. This agreed upon dollar value coupled with the operational benefits of satisfying the key influencers’ needs are key ingredients you need to close the deal.

Avoiding these mistakes can improve your ability to close your managed services deal, provide a better experience for your customers and generate more revenue. For other ways to improve your close ratio selling Everything-as-a-Service, attend our future Sales Simplicity Seminars with CharTec.

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