Tips to Make Your Office More Relaxing for employees to recharge

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Aug 30, 2016

Give Employees a Stress Free Space to Relax

It’s important to create a stress free work environment; employees need a place to relax. Numerous studies have shown that creating relaxing places for employees to take a break provides several benefits.

Here are some tips to help you make your office more relaxing:

  • Create a social space: Millennials especially enjoy collaborative spaces they can hang out. Designate a space that encourages people to get away from their desk and socialize with team members.
  • Make the break room multi-functional: Everyone has different interests and different needs. Include an area that can be used for impromptu meetings, team building activities and has other functionalities besides just to eat lunch.
  • Encourage daydreaming: Companies need innovative thinkers if they want to continue to grow. Create a space that inspires your team to think creatively.
  • Games: Encourage team members to interact with each other and take time to laugh and build relationships with some friendly games.
  • Lunch Tables: Provide a space for employees to get away from their desk and refuel.
  • Comfortable Seating: In order to relax, you have to be comfortable. Make sure when your employees take a break, they have comfortable seating.
  • Televisions: Yes, televisions. Sometimes employees want to catch up on what’s going on in the news, get an update on the score of a game, or just want to surf some channels. Encourage them to do this in a breakroom, not on their computers.
  • Quiet area: Whether an employee wants to meditate, read, or just sit in peace and quiet, provide them a space to be able to sit in silence.
GreatAmerica just invested in a new space for our employees to re-center, refocus and re-engage. It was carefully designed with everything to serve a purpose. The new living space includes a 756-square foot five-hole putting green, booth seating, cafeteria style seating, a food and beverage kiosk, a pool table, a shuffleboard, a gaming area with a Wii console, large screen TVs, and a private lactation suite with refrigerators and lockers. Employees use the space for to eat, socialize, hold meetings, and unwind.

Invest in a stress free space at your office for employees to relax and enjoy the benefits!


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