Marketing Cheat Sheet: How to Generate More Managed IT Services Leads for MSPs

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Sep 13, 2016

Effective Ways for Managed Service Providers to Increase Your Warm Lead Sales Funnel

Many MSPs experience obstacles marketing their Managed IT Services. For MSPs who don’t have a dedicated marketing team member, marketing sometimes falls outside their skill set, their comfort zone, or they may have limited resources and competing priorities. Marketing Managed IT Services is different than marketing other services. There are several different ways you can promote your Managed IT Services offering.

Consider a variety of different tactics to reach your targeted audience(s) when marketing your Managed IT Services offering. Here are a few basics to help you get started:

  • Use Internal Resources: Leverage what you’ve already got. Deepen your customer relationship by expanding the services you offer customers.
    • C-Level involvement
    • Referrals and qualified lists
    • Telemarketing and cold calling
    • Core rep activity
    • Sales blitzes and contests
    • Ride alongs
  • Leverage Public Relations: There is nothing more powerful to a prospect or customer than a one-to-one interaction. Find opportunities to get face time with your contacts to answer questions, deliver information or build a relationship.
    • Word of mouth
    • Events
    • Networking
  • Have an Online Presence: Buyers research companies online before they purchase. Have an online presence that solidifies your credibility, provides the information your buyer needs to make a decision and builds your status as a trusted technology advisor.
    • Website
    • Social media
    • Blogs
  • Provide Corporate Literature: Proactively provide information to your prospects through a variety of different channels. This works even better when you develop centers of influence and use targeted messaging. Make sure you are able to direct prospects somewhere to find more information in addition to your conversations.
    • Webinars
    • Videos
    • Emails
    • Leave behind materials
    • Drip campaigns

Whatever marketing tactics you're using, don’t forget to always include call-to-action! Make it clear what you want your audience to do. Set goals what you want your efforts to accomplish. This will help you track if your leads are engaged, and provide a metric to help you determine what’s working and what’s not in your marketing efforts, and adjust when needed.

Keep in mind, the sales cycle for Managed IT Services is longer than most, so results may take a little longer than the traditional sale. But when done effectively, your marketing efforts will help you drive more sales. Try some of our different suggested marketing strategies to see what works best for your company sales.

For a detailed list of marketing tactics to generate more leads and expand your base, download our cheat sheet:

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