5 Techniques for Closing a Managed IT Deal

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Oct 11, 2016

Increase Your Managed Services Sales by 90%

Last week, attendees filled the room to our sold out Sales Simplicity Seminar with Alex Rogers, CEO of CharTec, to learn how to transition their business with Everything-as-a-Service. Attendees went through the Application to Present tool that is designed to be enforced by sales management, and filled out by the SME. This tool is proven to increase your ability to close a Managed IT deal by ensuring the five prerequisites of a sale are satisfied:

  1. A recognized need – What issues does the prospect have? What are the implications of these issues?
  2. A viable solution – Do you have a solution to for the prospect’s needs?
  3. Value justifies cost – Can you quantify the prospects pain points, and show them how your solution will make them more profitable and productive?
  4. A sense of urgency – Do you have enough urgent pain points for the customer to move forward with your solution?
  5. Authority to buy – Are you dealing with a decision maker? You can satisfy 4 out of the 5 prerequisites, but if you aren’t dealing with the decision maker, the deal won’t close (trust me!).

When the Application to Present is complete, all of the discovery information is documented in one place so the SME and management can access it whenever, and wherever they need to ensure you have the best ability to close your Managed IT deals.

Collabrance partners who have implemented using our Application to Present tool and complete the 5 prerequisites, have strongly increased their ability to close their Managed IT deals by 90% or more.

To learn more about Managed IT Services best practices in implementing the Application to Present to improve your sales, register for our next Sales Simplicity Seminar.

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