Don’t Let Busy Dictate Your Behavior

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Oct 25, 2016

"Let me check my busy schedule..."

Has a coworker, friend, or family member asked you recently if you “had a minute?” Instantly, your daily calendar pops into your mind, and all you see is a day full of busy meetings, to do lists…and don’t forget that you have to pick up your kid’s birthday cake on the way home.

How did you respond? Did you halfheartedly shrug “sure,” and kept typing an email as you listened, or do you say “no, I’ve got a lot going on today?”

Does this sound like a scenario you have been in? Often times in our busy lives, we let busy dictate our behavior (and not always on purpose). Behavior in its simplest definition is the way in which we act or conduct ourselves towards others. In order to keep good communication, collaboration and an overall feeling of well-being and team, we can’t let our task list or email notifications cause us to let our behavior be impacted negatively.

“How can I keep ‘busy’ from dictating my behavior?” Here are a couple tips I have found successful:

  1. Remember you have been that person on the other side of the desk needing a question answered, or a decision approved. We all are in this together and when we put ourselves in other person’s shoes, it helps us react in a more positive and helpful way.
  2. When someone comes to your desk (as you can see I didn’t use “if”) asking for a minute, assess if you really are too busy to spare the time.
    • Give them your full undivided attention to let them feel they are important and you are interested in helping them.
    • If you really are in a time crunch, suggest a time to meet and put it on your calendar or, direct them to someone who may be able to address their issue or answer their question.

If you focus on being willing to attend to the needs of coworkers and customers and not let busy dictate your behavior, not only will you help them to accomplish their goals, but you will strengthen your relationship, and people will know they can count on you to properly prioritize and help when necessary. If you value their time, in turn they will value yours.

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Kayla Juehring

Kayla Juehring is an Administrative Assistant at Collabrance supporting the Vice President/ General Manager. She is active in the GreatAmerica Experience team helping those in the company to maintain a high-level of customer service excellence. Kayla also is a member of the Continuous Improvement Committee – consistently looking for ways not only to bring value to the business, but also to create a working environment that is innovative and efficient.