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Nov 28, 2016

Cyber Security Best Practices to Better Protect Your Information Online

Security breaches of online information have become more and more frequent in the news. End-Users are constantly worrying about becoming the next victim, and the safety of their online information. There are a number of cyber security threats lurking out there and increasing by the day. In fact, Heimdal Security estimates, “99% of computer users are vulnerable to hacker attacks.”

November 30th is “National Computer Security Day.” Every day, but especially today, is a good day to remind end-users of simple steps they can take to help increase the safety of their online information and protect their computer. With the holidays fast approaching, many end-users are expected to shop online this season. Whether shopping online, working online, or just browsing the internet, end-users must always be mindful of the risks online of having their information stolen. We’re here to help remind you what easy steps you can take to keep your information safe online.

Businesses minimizing their risk of having online information stolen have a technology plan in place that proactively addresses issues by having service providers install patches, use security software, and secure network connections. These are all important, but end-users can help increase their online security as well. Here are some computer security tips to help increase your safety:

  • Use complex passwords
  • Use caution when browsing the internet
  • Do not open emails or attachments from unknown senders
  • Lock your computer when not in use
  • Upgrade technology
  • Do not access critical or sensitive data on wireless networks or public places
  • Update security software

It’s hard to have a complete list of everything end-users need to do, and unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to fully proof your information online on your computer. Businesses of any size are at risk. However, taking simple safety measures like the computer security tips listed above can help better protect you and your information.

Whether you’re an MSP, or an end-user, download our checklist of Computer Security safety tips to decrease your chances of becoming another victim of having your online information stolen: hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "4473627", formId: "452aca91-ce6f-4ada-9cee-8a65a7cac7ac" });

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