How to Present a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) to Your Managed Services Customers

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Dec 06, 2016

Present a QBR to Your Managed Services Customers in 3 Simple Steps!

Quarterly Business Reviews Guide

You officially closed a sale on a new managed services customer - Congratulations! The hard part is done, right? Wrong! Now, you have the next 36 months to prove to your new managed services customer why they signed and outsourced their technology to you.

Since you are all expert sales people and sold the managed services customer the correct solution that met all of their business technology needs, you have an even tougher job ahead of you. Your customer’s network will begin running so smooth that in a few short months they will begin to wonder, “What am I paying my service provider for each month again?” Don’t fall behind and proactively address this before it becomes a thought! You can provide ongoing value to your managed services customers as their trusted technology advisor by performing quarterly business reviews (QBRs). During these QBR meetings include these 3 steps:

  1. Remind your managed services customer of all the value you are bringing to their organization (technical and non-technical).
    • Why did they hire you in the first place? What were your managed services customer’s original IT needs?
  2. Align their current and future business goals with your technology roadmap.
    • How are you helping your managed services customer achieve their goals? How does your technology benefit their business?
  3. Plan for more standardization by providing them with additional solutions and service.
    • Are your managed services customers aware of all the solutions and services you offer? What other ways can you be helping your managed services customer?

These QBRs give you an opportunity to provide ongoing value to your managed services customers as their trusted technology advisor. You are an extension of their business, and should provide input at all levels when it comes to recommendations for anything related to technology. For more information on how to present a QBR review download our Quarterly Business Review Template for best practices.

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