How does the Collabrance Service Activation Team help MSPs?

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Jan 24, 2017

Pictured above: Dave Airy, Ron McAllister, J Newlin and Evan Young review onboarding a partner's new customers.

The Collabrance Service Activation Team's Overall Roles and Responsibilities for Managed Services

When Collabrance was first built, our Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians not only handled incoming support calls for subscribers, but also provided support services for our MSP Partner technicians. In an effort to reduce the noise the NOC was experiencing from non-Service Desk related calls, and to increase efficiencies so we could best serve our MSP Partners and subscribers, Collabrance created the Service Activation Team.

The mission of the Collabrance Service Activation Team is to provide project management and technical support to our MSP Partners in three major areas:

Network Assessments and Reporting for our MSP Partners

The Service Activation Team provides MSP Partners training on how to effectively prepare a network, and implement a discovery tool that collects data about their subscriber’s network. The team also provides assistance to technicians in the field when issues occur with the discovery.

After the discovery process has gathered the required data, the Service Activation Team generates a series of reports like hardware inventory, network assessment, and an active directory user list to share with MSP Partners.

Client Onboarding Coordination and Implementation Services for MSPs

Once a sale is closed, the Service Activation Team initiates a Pre-Implementation call with MSP Partners to review their order, create an effective onboarding plan, and assign responsibilities for the onboarding tasks. The Service Activation Team uses a web-based project management system to help facilitate communications and monitor project status.The Service Activation Team provides valuable assistance during an onboarding project for MSP partners, including:

    • Reviewing the network information collected for content and accuracy
    • Configuring and installing UTM devices and data protection services
    • Insuring the new subscribers are correctly setup in the RMM and PSA systems

MSP Subscriber Off boarding Management

One of the unfortunate aspects of business is losing a client. If this is needed, the Service Activation Team also helps MSP Partners coordinate all the activities needed to migrate a subscriber off services. Those activities might include:

    • Removing the Collabrance tools (agents and AV)
    • Stopping UTM and data protection services
    • Consulting on an email migration process

The Service Activation Team is constantly striving to develop onboarding processes that are predictable, repeatable and profitable. The ultimate goal of the Service Activation Team is to work seamlessly with MSP Partners to provide an outstanding service experience to subscribers. Work with your Service Activation Team to create an exceptional service experience to your new subscribers.

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Dave Airy

Dave Airy is the Team Leader of Service Activation at Collabrance. Dave is responsible for all customer onboarding and off-boarding projects for partners. Dave joined Collabrance in 2012, but has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) management industry for 32 years. He has management experience in sales, support, product development, operations, implementation and training. Dave graduated with from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism Mass Communication.