How to Get Your Foot in the Door With MSP Sales and Service

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Mar 28, 2017

Pictured Above: MOEbiz, a Collabrance Partner, puts together a marketing campaign kit to help standout in front of their MSP prospects.

How to Get Attention with Your Managed Services Prospects

The hardest part of a managed services sale is getting the customer to take your call. Building your credibility and a book of MSP business without references or referrals is tough work! You need to differentiate yourselves from all of the other vendors, and show your prospects how you will add value to their business as a trusted technology advisor.

Get your foot in the door by following these 3 guidelines:

  1. Consistency: Statistics show it takes at least 7 touches before a prospect will take your call (Tim Wackel). However, most sales reps are 1 and done. How do you know if you’re having success when you are constantly shifting gears? Stick to the course of action! Develop a consistent routine that allows you to build momentum, identify gaps and opportunities, and a proven track record for success.
  2. Creativity: An office worker receives an average of 121 emails per day, which means it’s time to get creative (DMR, December 2016)! Get your customer to take your call by doing something out of the ordinary to get their attention. Mail them a relative article, send them a package with your logo, or really catch your prospect’s attention with lumpy mail (see above from an example of a Collabrance Partner).
  3. Confidence: No one knows your solution better than you. Have confidence in your ability to bring value to your prospect and let your expertise shine! Do this by being prepared to overcome any objections or questions that come your way.

As we say time and time again, “hope is not a strategy!” Develop a strategic plan, and have confidence to get your foot in the door with your managed services prospect.

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Hannah O'Donnell, Director of Sales, is responsible for building the strategic vision for sales and marketing while providing business planning, education, training, and sales assistance to partners. She is also responsible for originating new partnerships for Collabrance. She was recognized as one of 2019's Women of the Channel by CRN, a brand of The Channel Company. Hannah started at Collabrance in 2013 as a Strategic Business Advisor. In 2014, Hannah was nominated by her peers and won Rookie of the Year, and in 2015 became a member of the 100% Sales Achievement Club at GreatAmerica. Hannah earned her business degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems from the University of Iowa.