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Apr 11, 2017

Above: Presentations from Collabrance reps over the past year from the 5-Day CharTec Sales Lab training, and a preview of what your people can expect if they attend.

Managed Services Sales Training with Alex Rogers

I spent 5 days attending the CharTec Sales Lab in Bakersfield, California. I heard great things about the sales training. In fact, both of my direct sales reports attended in the last year and had raving reviews (and they both just happen to be exceptional salespeople as well). Many of GreatAmerica’s most successful leasing partners had invested in attending this training, and I wanted to see why.

I had been through GreatAmerica’s Sales Simplicity Seminar before and was introduced to Alex Rogers. Alex was energetic, engaging, and it was obvious after attending that he knows how to sell managed services. I knew even though the Sales Lab seemed long (an entire week of 10-12 hour days in a classroom), if anyone could keep my attention for that long it was Alex. Considering the multiple sales trainings I have been through in my 13+ years in sales, my expectations for the class were not that high. However, this class seemed like it would be different. Based on the positive feedback I received from others, I figured why not sign up and see if it can make me better at selling managed services.

After attending this 5-day CharTec Sales Lab training, I can confidently say it was the best sales training I have been to in my career. Why? There are obvious things most people expect to get out of a sales training such as learning approach statements, how to fact find, how to handle objections, how to present your offer, etc, and CharTec Sales Lab will give you that, but provides more value.

When I really thought about why this training was so much better, three main points really stood out:

  1. Practice- In my opinion, practice is the key to this training. For a solid week (and I can attest to the 10-12 hour days I heard about) all attendees practiced every element of the sales process. We didn’t practice it once, we practiced over and over again until the process was engrained into our heads. We practiced first interactions, and what to say to peak someone’s curiosity. We practiced questioning and how to use both diagnostic and strategic questions to uncover business issues. We practiced never talking about our solution until the presentation. We built our own presentations with recommendations based on our findings, and guess what, we practiced it. In fact, we spent almost a full day practicing our final presentations that on average lasted over an hour. It was this level of practice that while difficult, was the key to learning throughout the week. In fact, one of my biggest takeaways from this training was how important it is to practice presentations before delivering them. Since returning I have been practicing running through my presentations live 2-3 times before delivering them to a client, and I have noticed a huge improvement in my delivery.
  2. Deliverables- For you owners and sales managers thinking about what sales training to send your people to, keep in mind with CharTec Sales Lab you get a video of your rep delivering an hour long presentation to a group of trainers. These trainers don’t make it easy either. They each fill out assessment sheets for every presenter (which you also get copies of). The trainers stay in character throughout, throw out multiple objections, and if you miss important steps in the process or start talking about your solution too quickly, you run the risk of not passing the class. The CharTec team is disciplined and will hold your sales reps accountable if they are not 100% focused. This should offer you peace of mind to know the money you invest in the training and your people is well spent. For those of you considering attending the 5-day CharTec Sales Lab training, the video and assessment you get at the end is just as important for you. Personally, I was given very candid feedback on my presentation, some good things and some not so good things. While it is never fun to hear ways to improve, this is the best place to hear it, when a deal is not on the line! In addition, as I watched my video I realized the trainers were spot on with their feedback. Going forward, I now have a video I can review whenever I want so I do not forget the things I learned.
  3. Balanced Sales Process- While I won’t get into the details of the sales process (that is what the training is for), I will say CharTec uses one of the best sales methodologies I have learned in Question-Based Selling, and they incorporate it into selling managed services in the CharTec Sales Process. It is a perfect balance of sales methods and managed services industry sales training. I have been to many sales trainings in the past that are good at one of these two things (either sales methodology or industry training), but this is the first one I have been to that did both extremely well.

There are a lot of options to consider for managed services sales training. The question is, “Which training will give you the most value for your money?” Based on our personal experience in working with CharTec, and the positive feedback we have receive from our partners, it’s hard to find a better sales training program that focuses on the IT industry.

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