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Apr 04, 2017

Pictured above: Doug Grimm shares updates with the Collabrance team at a meeting.

Achieving Goals are a Team Effort

We’re ready to start a new fiscal year with our revamped goals. Our leadership team set aside a couple days to thoroughly strategize on what needs to happen to achieve our vision. Before I shared these with our entire team, I was mindful about crafting my message to motivate the team.

Here are some tips to help you share important information with others in order to achieve goals:

  • Communicate impact vs. intent
    • Intent is the desired outcome you mean or meant; impact is what actually happens and its effect. Don’t share intentions, but share the impact to make your message more inspirational, and elicit confidence.
  • Delegate outcomes to your team and let them execute it
    • Create an action plan and make sure you’re spending the best use of your time. Delegate outcomes to your people, not tasks. If you are going to tell someone how to executive the task, you might as well just do it yourself. Develop the team by discussing what success looks like and empowering them.
  • Listen and be open-minded
    • Staying focused is one thing, having tunnel-vision is another. Make sure you are listening to your team and are open-minded to their input in order to identify opportunities.

The new fiscal year is exciting and energizing! Achieving these new goals can’t be done alone, it’s a team effort. As a leader, you need to connect the team with the big picture and motivate them to help achieve the team’s goals.

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Doug Grimm

Doug Grimm, Vice President and General Manager, is responsible for the overall vision, including sales, marketing, operations, strategic leadership and financial performance. Prior to joining Collabrance in 2012 as the Senior Analyst, Doug started at GreatAmerica in 2002. Before working at GreatAmerica, he served in various finance and accounting roles for a publicly traded company in the telecommunications industry. Doug began his professional career with Arthur Andersen LLP. In his tenure with GreatAmerica, he has held various positions within the finance department, and also served as the Director of Sales in the Office Equipment Group. Doug earned his B.A. in Accounting from Luther College and was a Certified Public Accountant.