The Benefits of Hiring a Millennial for Your Managed Service Business: Part 1 of 3

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Apr 18, 2017

Millennials are Tech Savvy

As a millennial, I grew up with technology… and not just video games, but also using computers, portable devices, the internet, and social media. I learned to embrace it in every aspect of my day-to-day. Like other millennials, I don’t see technology as a luxury, but almost expect it. Millennials are tech savvy, and companies hiring them are finding the following benefits:

  • Tech Savvy Millennials can Help Increase Efficiency of Your MSP Business

    Millennials are natural at troubleshooting to figure out a technology issue and empowered to find ways to make it efficient. Technology has evolved our mindsets to say, “There has to be a way to make this easier, faster, more flexible and efficient.”

  • Social Networking Literacy and Social Openness in MSP Sales

    1/3 of millennials say social media is their preferred channel for communicating business (InfusionSoft, January 2016). Our ability to share information online with our social networks can be a great way to easily connect with a large community.

  • Millennials Have Technical Skillsets Perfect for Any MSP Position

    Growing up with evolving technology has allowed us to pick up and implement technology faster than other generations. We’ve got our eyes on the horizon of what’s ahead for technology, and learning how it can work for us.

Technology has become a part of our work and personal life. Millennials are adaptable with technology and are great at finding ways to make it work. I enjoy learning about technology so much, I’ve pursued a career in helping others resolve their IT problems. These programs and education are expanding due to the demand of technology in the future. Being a millennial in the technology industry is exciting, and next time you have a candidate applying for your open position, know that they won’t only bring a fresh perspective, but also several benefits to being tech savvy!

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Drew Barth

Drew Barth, a User Support Specialist on the Collabrance Help Desk, is responsible for taking inbound end-user calls, working IT tickets submitted via email, and assisting other techs in the NOC. Drew also trains new hires and enjoys providing guidance to ensure we always live up to the standards we have for ourselves.