How Managed IT Professionals are like Superheroes

Be Different. Deliver Excellence.

Jun 27, 2017

Pictured Above: Alex Glew, Systems Support Analyst II, and Allison Faust, Technical Support Dispatcher II, dress up as in superhero costumes in the Collabrance NOC to celebrate our "Everyday Heroes" during an event at work (we make time for fun)!

Thank You Managed IT Professionals for Always Saving the Day!

From the selfless attitude of Superman, to the intelligence and wit of Iron Man, all superheroes have something valuable to offer the people around them – just like IT professionals serving customers! Can you relate?

Here are a few ways Collabrance is not too different from our favorite superheroes:

  • We give support and assistance quickly and effectively when our customers need it most by anticipating their needs.
    • Constant monitoring of our customers statistics and trends gives us the ability to predict busy times of the day and year, and plan accordingly. When you contact us, we want to be available to assist.
  • We help customers feel safe and secure by providing protection from hackers, viruses, and other external threats with an arsenal of weapons and tools.
    • Having peace of mind is important to any business, especially when it comes to your IT equipment. We help ensure millions of threats are stopped every day by antivirus and spam protection software.
  • We are proactive at preventing problems behind-the scenes much like a superhero stops a villain before an entire city is destroyed.
    • Constant monitoring keeps us alerted to potential issues, which left unattended, will become a pain point. We try to stop them before you know they even exist.
  • We are a highly skilled team of experts who excel at our craft – like The X-Men or The Avengers – every team member brings something of value.
    • Our team consists of multi-talented people who work together to provide consistent and streamlined service. It takes a lot to be a superhero, and each of us are committed to being the best we can be.
  • We are dependable by answering the phone within two rings when you call.
    • While we don’t have a red phone like Commissioner Gordon used to call Batman, we are committed to providing a live voice to customers when they call, as well as providing around the clock monitoring to keep their networks up and running.

IT professionals work hard every day to protect end-users. You have a unique set of skills that help provide relief to others. Thank you for all you do to help keep technology running and providing peace of mind!

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About The Author

Lorrie Poland

Lorrie Poland, a Technical Support Dispatcher II at Collabrance since 2014, enjoys a variety of tasks in addition to her primary role dispatching IT service requests in the NOC. Lorrie also helps manage inventory, complete billing tasks, and write the internal team newsletter. She joined the IT industry with a career change in 2011.