Why Outsource to a Master MSP

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6 Signs it’s Time to Partner with a Master Managed Services Provider

Master Managed Services Provider (MSP) partnerships are built to help you grow your business faster, with less risk and fewer headaches. When partnering with the right Master MSP, more and more high-performing MSPs are discovering they can earn higher margins and receive higher customer satisfaction scores as a result. But how do you know if partnering with a Master MSP is right for your business?

Here are six signs it’s time for you to find a Master MSP partner:

#1 - Slow to scale

Are you growing your managed services business as fast as you expected? Are you keeping up with your competitors? If you haven’t been able to reach your managed services goals, or struggle to achieve them, consider partnering with a Master MSP. A good Master MSP will help your business set goals and create action plans to help you scale faster. They will also have already built the tools, documentation, processes, and operations you need. Your business can use these resources instead of building/buying your own, allowing you to go-to-market faster, and scale your business faster.

#2- Limited focus on generating revenue

What are you spending your time on today? Are you spending time trying to manage numerous vendors for your technology stack? Are you dealing with personnel issues? Are your top skilled technicians working on entry-level customer IT issues? A good Master MSP will act as your Service Desk and handle almost all of those “noisy” issues that can eat up the time of your service team. They will also manage vendor relationships for you in their provided technology stack, as well as resolve the majority of customer issues remotely.

#3 - Low customer satisfaction

Are your customers unhappy with the service they received? How does your team manage high volume and low volume call days? Is your business consistently able to meet your SLA requirements? Maybe it’s an automated attendant, slow service, or communication barriers that can be unsatisfying to them. Could your service be improved? If so, consider partnering with a Master MSP who can help you keep your customers for a lifetime. If you’re in the service industry, you have to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers every time!

#4 - Trouble getting access to industry best practices

Technology is an evolving industry – it’s constantly changing and hard to keep up with. A good Master MSP will have access to numerous Service Providers they can pull best practices from, and relationships with industry thought leaders. They know what’s working, what’s not, and can help partners develop plans that will help them achieve greater success. After all, if you win, they win – a partnership is mutual success. A good Master MSP will also provide continuing education to help you stay educated on the industry and build your skillsets to outplay your competition.

#5 - Inefficient sales

Does your sales team often run into challenges winning new opportunities? Do they have a lower close ratio than you had anticipated? How is their compensation plan working? Managed IT sales is different than selling a copier or IT Hardware. Don’t let excuses bring down your sales. It takes strategy and skills to master selling managed services. To succeed in selling managed services it is even more important for businesses to follow a sales process, and to cost justify their solutions.

#6 - Lack of resources

The IT industry has a high-turnover rate and with all of the demand in the industry it is even harder today to retain top talent. When you partner with a good Master MSP, you are adding an extension to your team. You add additional headcount without the management headaches, and Master MSP’s will have more specialization, expertise, and resources available to help you better service your customers. In addition, you never have to worry about your Master MSP partner calling in sick, taking vacations, or falling behind when calls are coming in faster than your team can handle them.

Did any of these pain points sound familiar to you? If so, then it’s might be time to look into partnering with a Master MSP.

Collabrance LLC, a subsidiary company of GreatAmerica Financial Services, is a Master MSP located in Cedar Rapids, IA. We offer partners a low risk way, to quickly and profitably scale while focusing on revenue generating opportunities. Our portfolio of standardized technology services, proven processes, and sales coaching, results in exceptional customer satisfaction and remote resolution rates. In addition to a Service Desk, Collabrance provides education, tools, personal assistance, and access to industry best practices.