A Day in the Life: Managed IT Systems Analyst at Collabrance

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Aug 08, 2017

Working as a Systems Analyst at Collabrance

The Collabrance Managed IT Support Tasks & Workplace

7:40am – I come into the office downtown, and my coworkers already at work greet me at my desk. We have no walls with an open environment. This is setup to be able to have easy conversations, share knowledge, have impromptu meetings, or build relationships. My coworkers and I catch up from the weekend.

7:50am – I go to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and talk to other colleagues at GreatAmerica, specifically the systems department. They are getting ready for a new customer to come into the office. Our administrative assistant is also in the kitchen setting up breakfast for the boardroom to make sure our guests enjoy their visit.

8:00am – I return to my desk, put on my headset and log into our systems. A customer calls in, I immediately answer the phone in less than two rings with a smile, “Support Services (to ensure private-label services for our partners), this is Alex. Name and company please.” It turns out the customer is one that I’ve helped before. We’re on a first name basis and we engage in small talk as if we were on the same team. Our structure is setup so that it feels like a small company when a customer calls in and we’re able to provide a personal experience.

8:05am – I’m able to resolve the customer’s issue with a one-call resolution remotely. The customer thanks me for my assistance. They can now proceed with their day without worrying about their technical issue. I feel good about helping someone within the first minutes of getting to work.

10:00am – The front office staff enters the Network Operations Center (NOC) where I sit. It’s time for WOW Awards. Leaders recognize individuals who were nominated by their peers who received this month’s WOW Award. Everyone celebrates. Our marketing director takes pictures to share on social media.

11:00am – It’s been a busy day. I’ve already took 7 calls already which is a higher volume than usual. With the volume of calls, I still take time with each individual I’m on the phone with to make sure we resolve their IT issue to the full extent. Our team leaders decide to order lunch for the team to make sure we don’t go hungry and we can stay for coverage. A taco bar? Yes please!

11:10am – I load a plate full of tacos, chips and queso.

12:00pm – Lunch is setting in so I get up to get a drink from the kitchen. I start talking to some colleagues about a new technical training they are thinking about taking. We sit down in one of the open collaborative areas to discuss the opportunity. Our leader walks by and joins our conversation. Our leader takes our input, and decides to move forward scheduling an onsite training to help our technicians.

12:30pm – I may or may not have gone back for seconds at the taco bar :)

3:30pm – It’s month end. We’ve already surpassed our monthly goals so the leadership team surprises us with a beverage cart. They come around to thank all of us for our contributions while serving us refreshments. I crack open my cold drink at my desk with a smile and continue to help customers resolve their IT issues on the phone.

5:00pm – I’m logging out for the day. My colleagues and I decide it’s a nice day out, and we should go out after work to hang out. We’re friends that enjoy working together and hanging out outside of work. It’s been another good day at work.


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Alex Weber

Alex started working in IT in 2007 when enlisted in the USAF. He has worked in several different capacities including maintenance and installation of secure phone networking systems, GPS systems, and setting up communication towers for Union Pacific. Currently, Alex is working at Collabrance as a Tier 2 Service Desk Systems Analyst focused on escalated and firewall cases.