How Copier Dealers can be Successful in Managed IT Services

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Aug 01, 2017

Pictured Above: Several Collabrance Partners travel to our headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to attend a 2-day CharTec Sales Simplicity Seminar training and network as a peer group in June 2017.

The New Business Growth Opportunity for Copier Dealers

As the copier industry continues to evolve, many dealers are turning to Managed IT Services as a growth opportunity to help deepen their customer relationships and to differentiate themselves with new prospects. Dealers often wonder, “Are these copier dealers successful in Managed IT Services? Are copier dealers really making money with Managed IT Services? What have other copier dealers learned about getting into the Managed IT Services space?” An article in Office Technology Magazine writes about these exact inquiries. But to answer those questions… The answer is, YES – you can be absolutely be successful and grow your business with Managed IT Services, BUT, you must follow a process.

This “Managed IT Services: Dealers share insight into this new journey,” article in Office Technology Magazine shares the perspective of three different copier dealers and their experience getting into Managed IT Services. Some of the things you’ll notice these companies have in place that contributes to their success is:

  • C-Level Support
  • Dedicated IT Staff (SME)
  • Capable Engineers
  • A Business Plan

In addition to these critical components, copier dealers must follow a process to be successful Managed IT Services. And why reinvent the wheel after it’s already been invented? You can learn from others and speed up your success in this business.

Collabrance partners with numerous different copier dealers all over the country. Why are some dealers finding quicker success than others? It’s simple, we coach them on implementing a proven sales strategy and following the process. When copier dealers follow the process, they are getting results. When the don't go through the whole process, they have challenges and may lose the deal. We recently had several of our copier dealer partners in the office last month to participate in our CharTec Sales Simplicity Seminar to reinforce the process and spend time networking together. Their collective response:

“While each of us certainly have our own flavor, the bare essentials are the same – we embrace the process.”

Partners experiencing the most success in their Managed IT Services business will remind you – if you try to cut corners in the process, skip steps, and wing it… you might as well not even present your proposal to the customer.

Our partners who have been following the process, have found the impact has been tremendous. Our partners improve their close ratios, increase their MRR and set new records in their Managed IT Services business when they follow the process. So if you’re a copier dealer wondering if you can grow your business with Managed IT Services, follow the process to find your own success.

Interested in what Copier Dealers are saying across the country? Complete the form below to read the full article in Office Technology Magazine by BTA. This article shares the perspective of three different copier dealers and their experience getting into Managed IT Services.


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Jake Wagner, an Account Manager for Collabrance, is responsible for sharing, coaching, and training partners on Managed Services best practices. Jake is a great resource providing value to help partners achieve greater success in their business. Jake graduated from the University of Dubuque with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.