4 Onboarding Tips for Your Next Managed IT Services Client

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Sep 12, 2017

4 MSP Onboarding Tips to Make Your Next Client Onboarding Go Smoothly

Successfully onboarding a new customer to your managed IT services program is not an easy process. Planning and communications are key to ensure an onboarding project is completed on time, under budget with all services fully operational.

To deliver a seamless experience for your new managed IT customers out of the gate, here are 4 tips which are commonly over looked when creating an onboarding project plan:

  1. Avoid Key Dates For Your MSP and Your Client's Business

    • It’s easy to build an onboarding schedule that meets your schedule. Don’t forget to ask your customer about their schedule. You should avoid the following times:
      • The beginning or end of the month
      • Vacation schedules
      • Billing cycles
      • Inventory times
      • Holidays
  2. Set Reasonable Expectations on Managed Service Deliveries

    • It’s easy to forget that your customers have limited experience (if any) in completing onboarding projects. You need to take the time and effort to explain “in detail” how the project will be completed. Remember the 4 W’s:
      • Who…will need to be involved.
      • What…to expect (identify the task(s) that will be completed).
      • Where…will the work be done.
      • When…will the work be done (date & time) and how long will it take.
  3. Understanding Your Client's Existing Managed Services Environment

    • Use the data collection process to learn as much as you can upfront about your client and their network environment. Don’t rush into unplugging hardware, converting data or migrating email until you’re confident that you know all the facts. Pushing forward without the right knowledge can cause delays, increase costs and potential lead to data loss.
  4. Think About How Your MSP Business Will Impact Your Client

    • You need to understand how the onboarding project is going to IMPACT the client. You can lessen the impact by doing the following:
      • Follow the 4 W’s
      • Set a project schedule and stick to it
      • Be empathetic and help the customer see past the pain and anticipate the benefits

Remember these tips when onboarding your next customer so they receive a great IT service experiences from the beginning!

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Dave Airy

Dave Airy is the Team Leader of Service Activation at Collabrance. Dave is responsible for all customer onboarding and off-boarding projects for partners. Dave joined Collabrance in 2012, but has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) management industry for 32 years. He has management experience in sales, support, product development, operations, implementation and training. Dave graduated with from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism Mass Communication.