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Sep 05, 2017

How You Can Deliver Exceptional IT Service Experiences

Technology allows us to automate and increase efficiencies in our companies. As much as we love technology at Collabrance, one area we deliberately choose not to “automate” is our live-answer Service Desk.

When customers call into our Service Desk, we want to make sure we can resolve their IT issues as quickly as we can with an appropriate solution to remove their pain and problem. Our Service Desk technicians answer the phone in two rings or less to make sure the person on the other line doesn’t have to spend time waiting for an auto-attendant to get answers. We understand their issues are urgent and we want to be responsive to their needs. This is one way we help provide great service to our customers.

Your Service Desk should be providing you with consistent experiences. Here are six examples of what makes GREAT customer service:

Minimal Wait Times and Fast Response During IT Emergencies

Our live-answer Service Desk is trained to answer calls in two rings to less to ensure customers are getting their issues resolved quickly. We have an escalation process to make sure we can be efficient in getting customers an effective solution.

“Honestly, I have worked with other providers and none of them come close to your speed of resolution and ease of getting support/resolution. Awesome level of support!!”

“I normally don't do surveys but the technician was so helpful and so pleasant on the phone I wanted you to know about it. He got right into my computer and went to work. He kept me engaged to assist him and quickly solved the problem.”

“Thank you for the speedy service”

“Immediate response to my phone call and quick resolution.“

“Loved the immediate pickup and connection to an actual technician.”

“You all have always been timely and awesome. It is soooo great having y’all as the IT Dept. Thank you all!”

Friendly Managed IT Technicians

At Collabrance, we hire for attitude AND aptitude. We want our technicians to be able to interact well with our customers to provide them an exceptional service experience. When customers call in, they might already by frustrated with an IT problem, so we want to make sure we can do what we can to make them happy again with service with a smile.

“Exceptional service from the tech's. Very friendly.”

“Perfectly satisfied! Thank you for always being accommodating and friendly!”

“Great Job! Tech was friendly, informative and thorough. Thanks for the help!”

“Thanks extended work family. You guys are the best.”

“Awesome customer service and technician.”

Communication and Listening Skills for Each IT Professionals

One of our services at Collabrance is proactively monitoring devices. One customer example is that we had a customer with concerns and they wanted to check on the status of a few workstations. We spent some extra time and resources to get these devices pulled into our system, resolve and gather all the necessary information needed. By staying in touch with the customer and giving them regular updates, Collabrance was able to provide them with positive experience.

“No suggestions but this was a little difficult and your techs kept us informed and worked through it. Thank you for the excellent work and service.”

“Your support is always amazing! Your technician really listened to me and my concerns and went above and beyond to help me resolve my issue!!! Love them!!!”

Perseverance to Problem Solve During IT Issues

Because we are a team comprised of many gifted and talented people, we are able to work together and persevere to find solutions to difficult issues. Our open environment and setup enable team members to easily communicate with each other and share knowledge to arrive at an effective solution for customers.

“I have been having problems with my shared drive for over a week, whatever is wrong with it is only fixed for a short amount of time. I am hopeful that a hard look into the problem can fix it for good. But I am always happy to talk to the people who work there. They are always super friendly and helpful even if the problem can’t be solved.“

“The help desk did a number of things to resolve the issue to no avail. As it turns out the issue was not on our end but with Microsoft. Once that was figured out it was just a matter of waiting for MS to get their act together. Once they did I was up and running. I really appreciate the help desk sticking with it long after I would have given up.”

Educate Managed IT Clients

The Collabrance Service Desk is frequently contacted about issues with simple fixes, for example, how to switch users or Outlook stuck in “Work Offline.” By remotely accessing a customer’s workstation, we can walk them through a simple fix, step-by-step, answering any questions along the way. We can educate customers to give them confidence if it happens again to resolve the issue on their own if they choose too.

“Thank you – Your Tech was VERY helpful and instructive. I appreciate the freaky fast service with my issue late in the day!”

“Keep doing what you are doing - I appreciate learning something when I call, and them taking the time to respectfully explain the things that, I am sure, are common knowledge to them.“

Effective Managed IT Solutions

We are constantly looking for ways to ease pain points or inefficiencies for our customers. Automating some processes for setting up new user accounts is one example. In the example below, our tech identified and put some policies into place which would automatically deploy items to be installed for all new users at this particular customer’s site. This is not only a time saver, but it also ensures less chance of error over a manual process.

“Your Tech has gone above and beyond on putting some "common policies" in place for our New Users (common printers, map Worldox drives desktop short cuts). Major kudos to her for doing such! Thank you.”

Creating a great customer service experience shouldn’t get lost in your revenue and margin goals. In fact, you should make it just as important. Collabrance makes our customer satisfaction survey part of our bonus goals to ensure we remain focused on the customer. Measuring customer satisfaction is critical to make sure you are able to find continuous ways to keep improving your service experiences. It also gives you an opportunity to recognize your employees.

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