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Sep 26, 2017

Video Above: Also known as "Customer Service Week," Collabrance uses the first week of October to celebrate "Customer APPRECIATION week!"

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Ideas for Customer Service Week 2019

Customer Service Week Themes, Games, Gifts & Activities

Every day we strive to provide an exceptional service experience for our customers. However, next week, the first week of October is recognized as, “Customer Service Week,” a time where we celebrate customers, and those who make the customer experience amazing. How do you celebrate Customer Service Week? We wanted to share some things we’ve done in the past to help you come up with some Customer Service Week ideas.

Here are things we have done at Collabrance in the past to acknowledge Customer Service Week to energize team members and make time for fun:

  • Establish a theme: Have some fun with it! Create a theme that everyone can enjoy and help tie everything together. This also helps with decorations if you choose to make a splash with things like balloons, streamers, posters, messaging, etc.
  • Plan activities, play games and create friendly contests: Encourage an environment of comradery for team members to interact with each other, have fun, and maybe an opportunity to win some prizes. In the past we have even done some adult coloring time to relax and also turn into a coloring contest. We’ve also come up with fun nicknames for team members, set out puzzles, created photo ops, etc.
  • Token of appreciation: Show others you appreciate them with a thank you card, or maybe a gift. In the past, we have left thank you gift bags at employees’ desk for them to enjoy throughout the week. We’ve included trinkets, candies, and even an agenda of what they could expect for things going on during celebrating the whole customer service week.
  • Food, Food, Food: Fuel the team or customers with some food! This can be as simple as some snacks, providing a complimentary meal, or having everyone coordinate a team potluck.
  • Reminders of purpose: Take this time as an opportunity to remind others of the bigger picture and inspire them to continue to continue their hard work and commitment to customers. It is not only important to celebrate customer service week with your internal team, but the customers you serve as well. In the past, we have created thank you videos, as well as custom messages to connect with others.
  • Opportunity to service others: This week long event is a great time to support your community as well. For example, this time of year, food banks are trying to prepare for Thanksgiving needs, so in the past, Collabrance has done a food drive in conjunction with Customer Service Week to help support others needs.

However you decide to acknowledge customer service week, it can be as simple as saying, “Thank you, I appreciate you.” This is important not only to your customers, but your internal team. Have a great Customer Service Week!

New Customer Service Week Ideas for 2018

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