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Sep 19, 2017

Working in the Managed IT Help Desk at Collabrance

First Items of Business:

I'm greeted by friends and coworkers in the morning as I arrive at work. We enjoy food days at the office, so it's not uncommon to find breakfast, lunch or snacks laying around throughout the day!

I arrive in the NOC on Monday morning to find the phones ringing off the wall with frantic customers on the other end. We have been open since 7:00 AM CT and many of our customers are also open for business. Dispatch has been trained to keep calm and answer with “911, what is your emergency?” intently listening as we try to assess the situation before dispatching a technician.

Just kidding! While we are trained to remain calm and use good listening skills, I am very thankful, as a Dispatcher for a Master MSP, frantic calls do not happen very often. Our team spends a lot of time on proactive maintenance and monitoring. Part of the job is to make sure any service tickets which have been generated by the monitoring systems are assigned out to a tech to investigate the cause.

In the Mornings:

We frequently have scheduled and impromptu tours of the NOC and our floor so each day I pull in different stats from different reports measuring how we are doing in terms of customer service and tech utilization. The stats are then displayed on monitors throughout the NOC and floor. Our bonus structure is tied to these stats so it helps us to pull our team together to achieve our goals every month!

Continually throughout the day:

One of my main tasks as a Dispatcher is to continually monitor service tickets generated from incoming emails from our customers. We assess the information for details of the issue and urgency before assigning to a tech. This is why it is so important for us to receive as much useful information as possible right up front. We also communicate to the customer to let them know we have received their email so they know it’s not lost in cyberspace.

Answering the phones during peak times when the techs are all assisting other customers is another task we assist with. We collect as much information as we can, create a service ticket and assure the caller a tech will reach back out to them within a time frame which matches the urgency of their issue.

Once a service ticket is assigned out and a tech has had an opportunity to reach out to the customer, sometimes the ticket needs to move up to a higher skill level tiered tech for help. We monitor these ticket escalations, assigning them appropriately, as well as keeping an eye on all of the tickets to make sure they are moving through the channels toward resolution as they should.

Various times of the day:

One of my favorite responsibilities is working with inventory. As we bring on new customers, they typically require hardware installations. Part of my job is to order and track hardware, as well as ship it out to a service provider once the device is configured for installation. This gives me the opportunity to work with several different teammates as well as use some different skills.

LorriePoland-AllisonFaust-BrianWells---Awards-Banquet.pngEvery week we have several requests come into the Service Desk to add and remove user accounts. Communication is an important part of Collabrance and another of my tasks to make sure these changes are communicated to the Service Providers and the impact it will have on their billing.

The role of Dispatch is mostly a “behind the scenes” type of support role, requiring the ability to multi-task and communicate. As technology changes, our job responsibilities also grow and change to meet the needs of our company.

At the end of the day, I enjoy being a part of an amazing team with friends and coworkers!

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Lorrie Poland

Lorrie Poland, a Technical Support Dispatcher II at Collabrance since 2014, enjoys a variety of tasks in addition to her primary role dispatching IT service requests in the NOC. Lorrie also helps manage inventory, complete billing tasks, and write the internal team newsletter. She joined the IT industry with a career change in 2011.