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Oct 24, 2017

SMB Cyber Security Plan

Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Security NEEDS layers!

With each passing day comes a new security breach headlining the news. It would seem at this rate our personal information has been compromised several times over. This begs a major question, “what can the good guys do about it?”

Despite the frequency of these cybersecurity events, somehow the good guys cannot seem to keep up and create a permanent solution. This contradicts a majority of the marketing messaging we see today targeting small business owners selling them on the fear of the unknown, using attractive buzz words like “safe” and “secure.” With each new security breach headline comes yet another security expert with “the” solution. The truth is, while the good guys are working around the clock to come up with the latest fix, the bad guys are also working around the clock to tear it apart. Which leads us to the conclusion that there is no one security product that will keep you “safe” and “secure” anymore.

Cybersecurity Defense Mechanisms: Security is like an “onion”

In today’s world cybersecurity is not about one product or one solution, rather it’s having multiple defense mechanisms in place. I believe Shrek, a notable green ogre, once said, “There’s a lot more to security than people think, security is like an onion.”

A secure network should have layers of protection spanning from workstation AV to network AV, from email spam filtering to email archiving and encryption, from next generation firewalls at the edge to URL filtering on the desktop, and more. It takes a multi-layered approach to play in this cybersecurity arena, but it’s more than just products alone. It takes best practices such as restricting VPN access to only trusted devices, requiring personal smartphones to only connect to Guest WiFi, removing unsupported devices from the environment, and ensuring active directory is frequently audited…just to name a few. Even with these cybersecurity products and policies in place, your network can still be vulnerable to hackers!

Cybersecurity Insurance Policy: Don’t plan on if, but when you will experience a security breac

Solid security products and policies only prolong the inevitable. Collabrance works with the mindset that a company will experience a security breach at some point. So when that security breach does occur, Collabrance has the company’s best cybersecurity insurance policy already in place. This includes having an imaged based Backup Disaster Recovery solution which replicates all the company’s data to the cloud. This means that when a company’s data is compromised, instead of paying the ransom and experiencing downtime, or closing the doors to your business, Collabrance can simply and quickly restore data from the cloud to what it looked like before the security breach, allowing the company to continue to operate.

Cybersecurity for Businesses: Keep the bad guys out of your network and information

What is your business doing to remain “safe” and “secure?” Keeping the bad guys out of a network requires a team effort that includes:

  • Internal cybersecurity policies
  • Employee education
  • Multiple security tools in place spanning the entire network
  • All files are backed up on a regular basis
This is a good starting point to secure your business and information from hackers and vulnerabilities.

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