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Nov 21, 2017

Pictured above: Rob Bell from RobSpeaks presents to GreatAmerica on service excellence and "How to WOW" customers (November 2017).

Rob Bell shares how to create satisfied and loyal customers

Great businesses who provide great service happen on purpose. In efforts to enhance “The GreatAmerica Experience” we provide to customers, GreatAmerica brought in Rob Bell from RobSpeaks last week to present to the entire company. GreatAmerica sees the value in hosting these trainings for employees as part of building our culture, and understanding how we can provide remarkable service experiences to our partners and their customers. The most effective teams are emotionally connected, and I'm thankful our entire Collabrance team got the opportunity to take part in this special training provided by GreatAmerica to make sure we are doing what we can to provide the best service to our customers and each other.

Rob’s seminar entitled, “How to WOW” was a powerful and entertaining educational session! It lasted an hour-and-a-half, and I could have listened even longer. Rob was funny and informative. This seminar educated us on how to give customers the ultimate WOW experience, and how to make customers loyal.

He also reminded us how what you say, and how you say it can have an effect on people. He demonstrated that body language, and not the actual words, are what convey the meaning of our interactions with our customers and everyone in our life. This was done through his engaging banter, amusing stories, and having the participants team up for a little role playing.

Rob’s message was one of positivity. Every day, we have the power to decide how our day will be when we wake up in the morning. That positive attitude is what will come across to our customers. Rather than wake up and say “I’m tired,” or “I can’t do this,” - wake up and say to yourself, “I’m Alive. I’m Awake. I Feel Great!” His principal is simple. If you feel great, it will reflected in your attitude and your customers will feel difference.

After surveying thousands of participants, Rob found the #1 most important factor to a customer in working with a business is, “Being pleasant and friendly.”

Rob talked about the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Building relationships through empathy, body language and listening to understand will create loyal customers. Using positive words such as, “Yes. Please. Thank you. I can. My pleasure.” is what makes your customer feel appreciated and WOW’s them.

When you impress your customer, anticipate their needs, deliver more than they want, and do it with exciting spontaneity, this is what creates a loyal customer rather than just a satisfied customer.

Each day is an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life. A chance to WOW them. It is the foundation of GreatAmerica and what we strive to build upon. Rob’s session was fun and educational. I highly recommend attending one of his seminars if you get the chance, and when I wake up tomorrow, I will tell myself, “I’m alive. I’m awake. I feel great!” to start my day on a positive note before interacting with others.

Other Collabrance Team Member Takeaways

One of my takeaways was on the importance of listening. Not just 'I hear you' listening, but focused, dialed-in, attentive and empathetic listening to customers, business partners and team members. This is the foundation of excellent service. It opens up opportunities to really wow someone through impressing them and anticipating their needs beyond what they expect, and to do this genuinely with your heart and not your head. The phrase that tied this together for me was "Where attention goes, energy flows".

- Evan Young, Senior Systems Analyst

One thing that stood out to me was a quote, "What is a 'wow' today, is a standard next year."

- Corey Kerns, Senior Finance and Operations Analyst

Since attending Rob’s session, I've been quoting him every morning to get me going: “I’m Alive. I’m Awake. I Feel Great!”

- Alex Glew, Senior Systems Analyst

When Rob was speaking about the “Seeing your job through the customers’ eyes,” one of the items was, “Responding appropriately to questions.” This is so important. Instead of responding with, “I don’t know,” or “that’s not what we do,” we should be responding with, “Let me find out for you,” or “Let me find the right person for you to speak with.”

- Rob McAllister, Service Desk Team Leader

I thought the whole session was very well done. Rob was funny and had some great reminders on how to deliver great customer service. I especially liked the Q-Tip acronym to help remind me "Quit Taking It Personally!"

- Lorrie Poland, Technical Dispatcher II

“My main take away was the reminder that when you wake up in the morning, if you have a positive outlook on the day and you tell yourself you feel great, that sets the stage for the rest of the day!”

- Jim Hocking, Director of Sales

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