Top 10 Managed Services Best Practices from Collabrance for 2017

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Dec 26, 2017

Important Tips for MSPs from 2017

Collabrance launched a managed services blog in 2015 to help MSPs obtain the knowledge they were seeking and get answers to their questions online. This blog is one way Collabrance works to share knowledge to the IT channel.

As we wrap up 2017, we thought we would take a look back to see what content MSPs were most interested in the Collabrance blog. When we pulled the analytics on the blog posts, we found there were a variety of topics that range from technical, sales, company culture and operational. Regardless, we wrapped the top blogs into a single post for you to enjoy…Happy reading!

Best Managed IT Tips, Guides & Posts for MSPs in 2017

1. Focus on the Value, Not the Price of Your Managed Services Solution

Cost justification is an important part of the sales cycle. Through assessments and research you can uncover ways to bring value to your customers which other MSPs are unable to provide. This emphasis on value versus the bottom dollar amount can help to build long term relationships which will result in closing the sale. READ BLOG POST

2. Why I Chose to Return Back to Work From Maternity Leave

Brittney Stepanek, Director of Marketing for Collabrance, shares a heartfelt article about the difficulties and emotions of returning to the workplace after maternity leave. Companies can play a huge role in creating a supportive and encouraging culture which can help with employee retention. READ BLOG POST

3. The Importance of Standardization

Some MSPs go the route of offering customized technology to each customer making it difficult to scale their business as well as maintaining a high quality of customer service. It’s difficult to be an expert in all technologies out there. Offering a standardized technology stack to customers will result in better monitoring and resolution of issues which in turn will result in better efficiency and excellent customer service. READ BLOG POST

4. CharTec 5 Day Sales Lab Review

Our Sales team highly recommends this week long sales training as the best they have been to in their careers. The main reasons are they provide lots of practice of every element of the sales process, a video of your sales rep delivering an hour long presentation complete with assessment, as well as a good balance of sales methods and managed services industry sales training. A good value for the investment. READ BLOG POST

5. MSP Talk Tracks to Overcome Common Objections

Anticipating common objections of a prospect is key in closing a managed services sale. Asking probing questions to uncover pain points and having answers to their objections provides an opportunity to share the right information and continue down the sale cycle toward closing the deal. READ BLOG POST

6. How to Avoid Mistakes Getting into Managed IT Services

We identified 7 ways to avoid mistakes by first being committed and making Managed IT a core part of their business. Recognize your customers have multiple departments and people with different IT needs which need to be met. Identify the ideal client to make sure they are a good fit. Follow a proven sales process and offer an all-inclusive technology stack. Make sure you hire the right Sales SME and vCIO people which will deliver great service. READ BLOG POST

7. 6 Signs It’s Time to Partner with a Master MSP

Take a look at your business and evaluate based on the signs in this article. If you are having difficultly staying competitive, dealing with day to day “noise” which takes up valuable time, unhappy customers, keeping up with the latest technology and lower sales figures, then it may be time to consider partnering with Collabrance. We take the weight off of you. READ BLOG POST

8. MSP Solution for Managing Multiple Vendors

Biggest challenges of working with multiple vendors are a large investment of time, high costs, managing relationships and handling issues. Working with a Master MSP can save a lot of time and stress as they already have researched and implemented tools and technologies. Plus they can negotiate better pricing due business volume. This allows more time for growing your business. READ BLOG POST

9. Grow Your Managed Services Business Faster with a Master MSP

Using a Master MSP can help you by instantly adding additional staff and skilled team members without having to recruit and hire employees yourself. Collabrance resolves 95% of end user IT issues remotely so you only have to focus on 5% of escalated issues. This in turn leads to more time to focus on project work. Collabrance also offers assistance in many ways such as business planning, goal setting, as well as onboarding assistance. READ BLOG POST

10. Benefits of a Strategic Partnership

When considering partnering with a Master MSP you will need to look for a few attributes, such as a mutually beneficial relationship; open communication and access to leadership; gaining knowledge and best practices, as well as the ability to scale your business and offer enhanced customer service. READ BLOG POST

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