Why Do I Need To Manage My Domain?

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Feb 06, 2018

The Importance of Controlling of your Domain and DNS Records

Several companies rely on their Website Developer or their IT professional to know what is needed to maintain a web presence and keep their email correspondence flowing. Many people expect when they get a domain, they just pay the bill to get their business online and that’s all that is needed. However, this is not always the case!

Domains can be debated depending on your background in IT. From my experience – your domain IS your company. Why would you want your company in the hands of several people instead of maintained in an account that only you have full control of? If you and a select few technicians have access to your account and your domain, your up time cannot be affected by a person who may not know what DNS actually does for your company.

A best practice is to have the DNS records reside where the domain is registered.

This allows you to make changes as needed if your website is going to a new provider, or if your email solution changes.

Today is a web-based economy driven by people being able to contact you with their computers and handheld devices. Your domain is the reason people are able to reach you at all times. Your domain allows people to be able to go to your website, and for you to be able to reach out to customers.

A hard part of having up time for your website and your email is knowing where your DNS records are located. If your domain is registered at a 3rd party registrar like GoDaddy or Network Solutions, why would you not want your DNS records to also reside there? If your DNS records are not located in the same account as your domain, how are you able to guarantee you have full control of your website and email?

DNS is an important part of email.

This includes being able to access a file within your network when you are at home. Email is critical for companies and downtime can have a big impact. Each lost contact is a potential lifelong customer.

The Collabrance Service Desk often gets calls from customers who indicate they have stopped receiving email. This is could be due to a new Website Developer changing the Nameservers to point to their hosting account, but forgetting to take note of the current DNS settings. Once the Nameservers are changed, the DNS is changed and your email does not know how to navigate the internet to get to your inbox. This goes back to allowing a select few technicians access to your domain. Email relies on MX records, most will have to “Google” even what an MX record is, or call the registrar and have them help make the updates.

It’s important to keep the Nameservers where you register your domain.

If this is not the case, most of the downtime is going to be tracking down where the Nameservers are and where to make the DNS changes. If the DNS is managed where the domain is, then the downtime will be limited or nonexistent because this is a change done on a smaller scale and not the whole domain DNS. The smaller the DNS update the smaller the downtime and the easier to recover from mistakes… less headaches for everyone!

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Andrew Bauer, Systems Support Analyst at the Collabrance Help Desk, is responsible for providing remote desktop support in an Active Directory environment. Prior to joining Collabrance in 2017, Andrew worked in Domains Operations at GoDaddy LLC. Andrew was a member of a team who provided top tier support for Domains working with registries to identify issues and work to implement procedures to allow for domain registration and domain updates. Andrew received his A.A.S. in LAN Management from Kirkwood Community College.