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Mar 13, 2018

Image Above (Pictured left to right): Jake Wagner (Collabrance), Jim Hocking (Collabrance), and Brian McClain (SDG Technology Group) work the booth at ChannelPro SMB Forum in Dallas.

5 Common MSP Challenges from the ChannelPro SMB Dallas Forum Event!

Last week Collabrance participated and presented at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Dallas, TX. What an event! Personally, this was my first ChannelPro event experience and I’ll preface my breakdown with this; great MSP turnout, informative breakout sessions, and ample booth time that lead to some phenomenal conversations!

5 Common MSP Challenges Shared:

  1. Pricing & Selling the Value: MSP’s aren’t charging enough for their services. Even if they want to, selling on price is their instinctive nature and thus there’s a huge need for value-selling strategies, and a major overhaul of their sales process, assuming they have one to begin with.
  2. Sales & Marketing: MSP’s aren’t marketing experts and their lead gen metrics prove it. A short survey in the room revealed very few are allocating any resources towards this and far fewer really understand it. Hiring a sales person isn’t the answer. Refraining from marketing is also not the answer.
  3. Recruiting & Hiring: Finding talent, hiring talent, and retaining that talent is a full-time job and one of the largest expenses any business incurs.
  4. Standardizing & Documenting Processes: Building out managed services processes to maintain and ensure consistency from sales, to onboarding, to service is last on the list for most. This consumes valuable time and resources to do it and do it right.
  5. Scaling & Capturing MRR: MSP’s are struggling to scale and a mere 4% in the room will hit that magic million mark. As for the why? There were a number of reasons including the above but a common theme amongst those I’d spoken with - “There are just so many things going on day to day that I rarely have the opportunity to step back and deliberately focus on growth”.

During the event, SDG Technology Group, an Iowa-based MSP presented with Collabrance on similar pain points they experienced trying to build their business, and how a partnership with a Master MSP helped them go from $0-$18k MRR in just 60 days.

To learn more about a Master MSP Partnership, and how we can help you overcome these common MSP pain points, view our short 30 minute follow-up webinar.

Follow-Up Webinar: "Grow Your Managed Services Business Faster & With Less Risk"


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