Why Did You Get Into Managed Services?

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Apr 10, 2018

Picture Above: Jake Wagner from Collabrance talks to attendees at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Dallas (March 2018).

Outsource and Use Vendors to Focus on What You Care About In Your Business.

I recently attended SMB Forum event for MSPs to learn best practices for managed services. In addition to the sessions and networking, I came home with a more colorful takeaway…

You’re going to do what you love.

…and why get into this business for any other reason? Money? Maybe for some of us, but for most of us, it’s not about the money at all. As I stood in a suite FULL (literally standing room only) of MSP’s with owners of all ages… it was pretty clear not everyone got into managed services for the money, nor do most come from an extensive business background.

The managed services business is a result of MSPs passion to help others and to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

Growing their managed services business is a merely a means of survival today as the market demands growth and continues to get further saturated with others driven by similar passions.

But what if being out in the field in front of the customer, getting your hands dirty, is what got you into this…? What if taking a step back to focus on the business completely removes you from the very reason you got into this in the first place? Where’s that balance between growth and fulfillment?

Take a step back and…

  • Think about what’s important to the success and survival of your business. Know yourself. Know your managed services business. Think about your business today and ask yourself ‘what am I good at and what do I enjoy doing?’ Write these things down.
  • Now block off some time and create a list of all the things you could be doing better. Categorize these based on how well they align with your team’s capabilities and skill set. If there are resources on your team that are good at these things, use them. For all of the things you want to do better but do not have the resources for, consider outsourcing.

We’ve all heard the word before and as a matter of fact I use it daily in my conversations. It’s not a bad word. Nor is it a fancy buzz word like “strategic” or an overused term like “sticky” OR… an over-used-fancy-buzzy-strategic-phrase like “deeper and wider.”

Outsourcing is an actual business strategy. Those MSPs achieving the kind of growth everyone desires will hear your issues, specifically mentioned above, shrug their shoulders, and tell you they don’t even worry about that stuff. Why? Because they’ve found partners who excel in these areas. They’ve found partners who supplement their existing resources and skill sets and provide vendor management which helps free up some of the noise. Executives know their managed services business and they know themselves.

"MSPs at best in class profitability are more likely to use a Master MSP. Outsource so you can focus on your incentive compensation, marketing, sales, account management and financial OMLs. The executive who masters these first, wins." – Paul Dippell, Founder & CEO, Service Leadership Inc.

The next time you register for an event, connect with the vendors who can help fill in your gaps so you can execute on your business plan, and focus on the things you WANT to do so you can grow your managed services business faster.

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About The Author

Jake Wagner

Jake Wagner, an Account Manager for Collabrance, is responsible for sharing, coaching, and training partners on Managed Services best practices. Jake is a great resource providing value to help partners achieve greater success in their business. Jake graduated from the University of Dubuque with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.