Do You Have a Company Culture by Default or by Design?

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May 01, 2018

Align Your Business Strategies, Processes, Systems, Policies and Practices to Reinforce Your Desired Culture

A Company Culture by Default

A culture by default is one where the culture has developed on its own when you weren’t actively looking at or thinking about the behaviors or attitudes becoming the norm in your company environment.

A Company Culture by Design

A culture by design is created and built with intent and purpose. This happens by defining the culture you desire, assessing where you’re at today, and then aligning specific aspects of your company to positively influence your culture and ultimately support your growth.

The Impact of Company Culture


The Importance of Focusing on Company Culture

Building, maintaining and managing a strong, positive company culture “by design” is a forever process—you’re never done! Even if your business is not very dynamic, culture tends to erode without proactive efforts to maintain it. It’s worth your time and effort to focus on your company culture! A strong positive culture, designed to support your business model and core values, and driven by your “why” – is an invaluable asset. Company culture drives recruiting and retention success, employee productivity, a greater customer experience, and your bottom line results.

Evaluate and Enhance Your Company Culture

Just like you wouldn’t build a house on your own, you don’t have to build your company culture on your own either! There are organizations available to help you evaluate and enhance your company culture whether you’re a new business, or been in the business for years. As an Organizational Development Consultant, my absolute favorite part of being in this field is assisting companies to actualize their dream cultures. I enjoy helping MSPs, Service Providers, Office Technology Dealers and other companies create thriving and winning environments that help them differentiate and grow.

Next Steps to Build Your Company Culture by Design

I recently participated in the MPSA webinar, "How Critical is Your Culture to Your Growth" to share my insights on this topic. If you’re curious about the major roadblocks which impact your culture and your growth, and how to overcome them – and which areas of your business you can focus on to design the culture you’ve been dreaming of – then I’d encourage you to checkout our recorded webinar.

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