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Jul 10, 2018

COTG Enjoys Increased Customers, MRR, Customer Satisfaction and Time to Focus on the Business with Master MSP Partnership


Chicago Office Technology Group (COTG), had been in the Managed IT Services business for 3 years. They had a difficult time growing the business, gaining traction and it soon became an after-thought to their primary business.

The Solution

A change in leadership saw a growth opportunity and brought COTG’s Managed IT Services back to life, this time partnering with Collabrance, a Master MSP based out of Iowa. In addition to the new partner training, COTG attended a Collabrance and GreatAmerica Sales Simplicity Seminar. With their new curriculum from the Managed IT sales training and Collabrance, COTG went home with some best practices to grow their Managed IT Services business.

“Collabrance really helped refocused our efforts and invested into making our Managed IT offering successful.” Mike Grabowski, Director of Sales.

Almost immediately after returning home from visiting with Collabrance, COTG had a scheduled meeting with a prospect who had been with a different MSP provider for 9 years. In fact, their current provider’s CEO also happened to be on the customer’s board of directors. The prospect was with a new company who had no prior business with COTG and COTG was competing with three other MSP proposals.

The Results

“With the information fresh from trainings at Collabrance, we were able to gain agreement to do a Network Assessment for the prospect that included an upfront fee.” Soon after, the network assessment turned into a new Managed IT deal that is now producing $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for COTG. The deal was even able to be financed to GreatAmerica Financial Services, Collabrance’s parent company.

In the first seven weeks of going live with the customer, Collabrance was able to remediate 96% of the COTG’s Help Desk tickets, provide a 67% first-call resolution, and only had to escalate six tickets back to COTG – all while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

“We had high expectations for Collabrance based on the SLAs they were hitting across their full customer base, along with feedback from MSPs who had partnered with them for a few years,” Grabowski said. “We’re now going into meetings with prospects using the 95% remote resolution, and Collabrance is exceeding that number […] and to be over 60% for first-call resolution is really amazing.”

Collabrance provides COTG with a fully vetted technology stack which has helped COTG transition from a break-fix model, to being able to offer a true Managed IT Services offering. Grabowski shares, “We trust Collabrance and are using their best practices and model. It allows us to focus on energy on building our presence and awareness, and getting customers who are a good fit for our offering.”


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Brittney Stepanek

Brittney Stepanek, Strategic Marketing Director for Collabrance, is responsible for helping build relationships and brand awareness through strategic marketing initiatives. Before working at Collabrance, Brittney joined GreatAmerica in 2012 doing marketing for the Office Equipment Group. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Iowa.