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Jul 24, 2018

MSP Sales Reps Ask Prospects Good Questions Upfront and Specific to Their Roles

The managed services solutions we sell can continue to become more complex. To understand the prospect’s needs and be able to tie them to the value of your technology stack and your solution, you must uncover the right information by asking effective questions upfront.

A good sales rep is an active listener and is good at asking questions. But a great sales rep can connect dots to identify an underlying problem the prospect is experiencing. Sometimes a prospect doesn’t know what the underlying problem is, and it’s your responsibility to figure it out.

No matter what type of solution you are selling, a sales rep has to ask the prospect questions they understand. For instance, in managed services, it’s ineffective to ask C-level people technical questions about their technology or network because they won’t know the answer. Instead, ask about how technology is impacting their daily life and their ability to meet their goals.

In addition to your standard questions like "What are your biggest IT challenges," you should have a different set of questions specific related business issues important to:

  • CEOs
    • Sample Question:"You talked about your ability to _____. I can only image the business impact. How did/does that affect your ability to?"
  • Office Managers
    • Sample Question: "I understand you are the first point of contact when an employee has an issue with their PC. How many hours a week do you spend handling these types of issues?"
  • CFOs
    • Sample Question: "Are you able to budget your IT expenses or are they unpredictable?"
  • Sales Managers
    • Sample Question: "Does the sales team work out of this office, or do work from home or other remote locations?"
  • Receptionists/Admins
    • Sample Question: "What is your process when you need IT support?"

Probing even further and asking “why” is the simplest and arguably the most important question to ask because it is open-ended. It allows the customer a chance to explain more, and provides you an opportunity to uncover the implications of the issues they are experiencing so you can use them to justify the cost of your solution.

The information gathered during interviewing your prospect's different office personnel should be addressed in your proposal to show all the challenges you've identified and solutions you can provide to help them overcome any business implications. Using this information should easily help justify the cost of your managed services solution.

For a complete guide and templates on talk tracks and effective questions to ask your prospects, attend our next Sales Simplicity Seminar where you will also learn how to take responses, incorporate them into your value proposition and sell more managed services deals.


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