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Aug 21, 2018

Image Above: Lee Rozeboom (Left) and Cody Jandik (Right) from GreatAmerica review MSP findings on a video conference with Paul Dippell from Service Leadership.

Product Resale and Financing Increases an MSP's Growth and Profitability

If benchmarking and metrics are as fascinating to you as they are to me, maybe you’ve heard of Service Leadership, a company who provides total profit solutions and benchmarking for IT companies. You may have even sent them your IT financials to find out where you stand in comparison to other MSPs. That’s why I love when GreatAmerica spends a lot of time with Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, planning educational webcasts for MSPs.

This year, Paul is sharing how higher profitability MSPs in the Service Leadership Index® (SLI®) are growing faster and outperforming their colleagues in the industry.

"Break the Ceiling on Managed Service Sales"

During the first webcast (on August 10th), Paul revealed best practices high-profit MSPs are applying in their managed services business to drive growth.

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Product Resale is Critical to Managed Service Provider Growth

I’m going to give you a sneak peek into one of those best practices: add product resale.

If you are an MSP already selling products; sell more.

According to Service Leadership, improving product resale can increase overall revenue by 33%, increase EBIDTA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) by 31%, and provides 12.5% in higher valuation.

Prediction: Best in Class Managed Service Providers Will Sell More Product

Paul also makes what he calls a “fearless prediction” about the future state of managed services. Paul predicts high Operational Maturity Level© (OML) MSPs will increase their proportion of product revenue over the next 5 years. Why is that? There are plenty of reasons, from “free” gross margin dollars, to growing total managed services revenue and defending your accounts (remember, if you don’t sell those products to them, someone else will). Most importantly, Paul says MSPs are adding products because product resale adds up to 31% EBIDTA.

The Role of Financing in MSP Product Resale

If Service Leadership is known for anything, it is collecting data, creating benchmarks, and making observations about the data in the managed services industry. In light of their views on product resale, Service Leadership did an analysis on the financials of the MSPs who do business with GreatAmerica to finance their product resale.

Ultimately, as an MSP increases their product sales with a GreatAmerica financing monthly payment, the higher the margins they are getting on both product and managed services.
See the comparison of GreatAmerica customers to the average MSP

Image Above: Service Leadership shares the impact on Product and Infra Services GM%, and adjusted EBITDA % as the MSP increases the proportion of their product revenue driven through GreatAmerica Financial Services (GFSC).

Many are seeing incremental adjusted EBITDA growth when they are financing more than 10% of their product. In addition to the photo caption, Paul made the following observations:

  • Product gross margin (GM) percentage goes up because clients are less price sensitive in payment form.
  • Infrastructure services GM% goes up because the client adopts standards more quickly, improving the MSP’s efficiency.
  • Infrastructure services GM% goes up because managed service fees combine with product payments are more difficult for the client to cross-shop.

During the webcast Paul Dippell concludes:

“Either top performing MSPs are doing more product sales with GreatAmerica, or doing more product business with GreatAmerica enables MSPs to have higher performance.”

Other MSP Best Practices to Drive Growth and Profitability

Product resale is just one of several best practices MSPs are applying to drive growth. GreatAmerica commissioned a custom OML tool with Service Leadership to take the best practices of successful financing partners and create benchmarks to create opportunities for growth and profitability. If you want to know your financing and HaaS OML, you can request an evaluation here:

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