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Oct 17, 2018

IT Solution Providers Gain Real-Time Access to Customer Information When Working with a Master MSP

Collabrance announced their successful integration with ConnectWise that streamlines ticketing systems and communications from disparate platforms. As product of the GreatAmerica InteGreat® Web Services, the new integration allows tickets and customer data to securely replicate information in ConnectWise between Collabrance, a Master MSP, and IT Solution Providers.

“Working out of one system will reduce the chance of errors and provide a more efficient way to share customer information when working together on the same ticket,” said Travis Vigneau, Director of Solution Partner Strategy at ConnectWise. “The Collabrance and ConnectWise integration improves communication for faster and more accurate solutions to be delivered to end-user IT customers.”

More visibility to end users’ information between Collabrance and MSPs in real time will result in quicker service and a more effective solution for end-user IT customers. The new ticketing integration will automatically share ConnectWise data in a coordinated B2B effort while allowing the MSP to remain in their primary ConnectWise system when working with a Master MSP.

“Our new ConnectWise integration improves our communication, collaboration, and information sharing with our Managed IT partners,” said Doug Grimm, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Collabrance. “This is one more way we work together with our MSP partners to quickly and effectively provide solutions to customers’ technical issues.”

GreatAmerica Financial Services, Collabrance’s parent company, first integrated with ConnectWise in 2014 to augment invoicing capabilities for IT Solution Provider’s to receive real-time intelligence of their portfolio business with GreatAmerica. Collabrance intends to have more integrations to help Managed IT partners and expand the suite of InteGreat Web Services. Learn more about the Collabrance InteGreat solution with ConnectWise by visiting:


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