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Oct 15, 2018

Video Above: Chap Breard from MOEbiz explaining how Collabrance helps him focus on growing his SMB.

How SMBs can Find Peace of Mind and Protection through MSPs IT Security Solutions

I remember my first Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field as a kid. The smell of fresh popcorn and hot dogs, shouting fans, the 7thinning stretch…all the moments that made it a memorable experience.

Throughout the span of the game, one position caught my eye. I wondered how the pitcher could juggle so many different tasks. He not only focused on throwing the perfect pitch, he also had the responsibility of watching the base runners and trying to pick them off.

When baserunners made advances, he became distracted and his pitches suffered from this distraction. This added responsibility decreased his ability and performance on the mound.

The Risk of Distraction

A similar situation of distraction repeats itself in business, as managers and business owners try juggling an overwhelming amount of tasks. They become sidetracked with different problems or tasks that arise within the realm of business because they fail to delegate responsibilities. This causes a loss of focus in regard to their core business activities such as business planning, development, and their profitability. This is one of many reasons business owners often decide to outsource different elements of their daily operations to managed service providers, like IT needs and network security.

When a business owner knows all the elements of daily operations are running smoothly, they are rewarded with peace of mind and increased focus on what they do best.

SMBs Threatened by Cyber Security Attacks

The damage of cyberattacks or data breaches for SMBs poses as more than just a bump in the road. A single security breach could cost an SMB more than the cost of an annual contract with an MSP. In fact, 60% of SMBs close their doors within six months of a cyberattack (National Cyber Security Alliance 2015). On average, it can take IT departments an entire business day, or more, to clean up the cyber attack and get the business back up and running, according to Business Wire. This downtime is taken out of sales, marketing, business development, day-to-day operations, and the bottom line.

Gain Peace of Mind with Security Protection

In order to gain peace of mind, SMBs need to have IT services and security protection in place. The fear of cyberattacks and data breaches linger in the minds of business owners as cybersecurity posed the top threat to businesses throughout the past three years, according to Society of Actuaries. However, implementing and maintaining a specialized internal IT department can be extremely costly in terms of time, money, and headaches. For these reasons, SMBs are turning to MSP’s for IT security solutions.

SMB Cyber Security Solutions

More and more SMBs are outsourcing their IT needs to Solution Providers who specialize in technology services, like network security protection. Proactive business owners are partnering with MSPs to implement Managed IT Services and help protect their business from external threats. Managed IT Services not only offer SMBs proactive IT security solutions and a help desk, but also backup support and business continuity plans for the chance disaster strikes.

MSPs should help educate users on computer safety tips, the importance of network security and how Managed IT Services act as a defense measure, like insurance to protect their information. An SMB’s decision not to invest in network security plans could eventually cost them their business.

SMBs who outsource for managed IT services minimize their concerns of malware, ransomware and cyber-attacks. With a team of highly trained IT professionals working vigilantly behind-the-scenes to prevent SMBs from a cyber-attack, business owners are provided with peace of mind.

Without the added worry of network security threats, businesses are better able to focus their time and energy on core business and what they do best. (Less time worrying about those “baserunners”.)

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