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Dec 25, 2018

Collabrance 2018 Best Blog Hits

What were your MSP peers reading this year? Find answers to these questions below in our most popular blog posts from 2018…

1. What are the different MSP Pricing Models?

Review the pros, cons, and determination factors in this MSP pricing model guide. This provides several different MSP pricing models, as well as points to consider as you evaluate your current managed services pricing. Determine which pricing model is the best fit for your managed services business.

2. What job roles are needed for managed services?

Consider these 5 roles needed we recommend are needed to successfully manage and grow your MSP business. These MSP roles can include a C-Level Champion, an IT Engineer with people skills, a Field Technician to assist with onboardings as well as onsite support when needed, aSubject Matter Expert (SME) and Virtual CIO (vCIO). This blog also outlines the different responsibilities and the importance of each role.

3. What should MSPs include in an Onboarding Checklist?

From the onboarding project manager to the end customer, building relationships and setting a course to “Go Live” are important parts of the process. Cobb Technologies shares 10 best practices they implement during the onboarding process to make it an efficient and smooth experience for everyone involved.

4. What is the impact of doing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with MSP customers?

Understanding your customers and assessing their IT needs is a major part of the MSP business and expanding your customer base. Using Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) is one way to track performance and metrics on a regular basis. This gives you the ability to keep ongoing communication with the customer and address any concerns or opportunities on a proactive basis.

5. What is a Master MSP?

Determine if a Master MSP partnership is a good option to scale your business. This article shares what Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can partner with a Master MSP for to grow their business faster and with less risk. Master MSPs can offer an outsourced Help Desk, a vetted and supported technology stack, as well as sales support which can help the MSP to focus on their customers and revenue stream.

6. What are Managed Services Industry Average Sales and Marketing Conversion Rates?

Is your sales funnel full of enough opportunities to reach your growth goals? This blog post shares average industry estimates for the amount of marketing leads MSPs need in order to close a deal. It also contains some ways to procure a healthy amount of leads to ensure you are setup to obtain your goals.

7. What are simple ways to promote culture through gratitude?

Find tips for showing gratitude and how it can positively benefit your workplace. Everyone likes to be appreciated from time to time and it starts at the top. Leaders who express gratitude amongst their team members will find it will also spread through the organization.

8. Why NOT to Outsource Your Help desk?

This article contains some reasons why a Master MSP may NOT be a good fit for you. If an MSP is not willing to embrace their Master MSP and trust their product offerings, standardization, and customer care, a Master MSP may not be a good fit for your business. As a business owner, you must evaluate yourself, how you do business today, and assess if outsourcing is right for you.

9. How to Become a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

We live in a time when cyber security is top of mind for many businesses, and having an MSSP manage this aspect of IT for them is gives SMBs peace of mind. This article explains what it means to be an MSSP and how partnering with Collabrance can differentiate you from your competitors and capture security as an opportunity.

10. Why do SMBs Need Managed IT Services and Network Security Solutions?

Outsourcing IT services and security solutions not only brings peace of mind to you and your customers, but it help prevent loss of business from cyber-attacks and/or data breeches. Help educate your users on computer safety and the importance of protecting their information and network.

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