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Jan 14, 2019

How MSPs Can Proactively Help Windows 7 Users Before It Becomes Obsolete

Let the countdown begin! One year from TODAY marks when Microsoft will officially sunset Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Are you helping your managed IT customers proactively prepare for what comes next?

What does Windows 7 Sunset Mean?

Windows 7 “Sunset” is different than Windows 7 “End of Life (EOL)” which already occurred in 2015. The EOL marked the end of any new features added to Windows 7, but Microsoft continued to maintain the environment for security purposes… at least until January 14, 2020.

For the Windows 7 sunset, the Windows 7 interface will become completely obsolete – which means no support or security will be maintained.

Customers on Windows 7 after the sunset will no longer receive updates, patches, bug fixes or service packs. Usability will decline over time and leave users with more issues, poorer functionality and serious security vulnerabilities.

If you aren’t communicating with your affected customers about the Windows 7 sunset, your competition is. MSPs only have one year and are actively reaching out to customers and prospects who are still on Windows 7 to inform them of the sunset and provide their managed IT solutions. Microsoft is also sending alerts to users notifying them of the Windows 7 sunset. Don’t wait for your customers to ask you about the Windows 7 sunset, proactively reach out to them first as their trusted technology advisor.

What Options do MSPs have to Help End-User Customers on Windows 7?

Windows 7 sunset has become a huge opportunity for MSPs. It is believed that 40% of workstations are using Windows 7.

In the bigger picture, MSPs who think about the customers’ entire environment and network know this is more than just upgrading a user from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows 7 users need your help getting new server hardware, a new Windows Server Operating System, new Windows Server Client Access Licenses (CALs), purchasing an updated version of SQL, etc. To help Windows 7 users, here are 3 basic options for MSPs:

Option 1: Do Nothing

Hackers are waiting for the users who aren’t migrated from Windows 7 after the sunset date. If you do nothing, your customer may think they save some money now, but may have a far bigger problem coming. Don’t let your customers be at risk for a situation that is preventable and could cost them an unpredictable amount!

Option 2: Migrate Windows 7 Customers Yourself

You need a good plan. You need the technical and sales staff. You need the equipment. You need the required investments. It’s kind of like building a managed IT services offering in house yourself. There is a lot of time, effort and money required upfront... but you have complete control!

Option 3: Partner with a Master MSP to Help You Capture More Opportunities

As a Master MSP, we help MSPs and their end-user customers with the Windows 7 Sunset. We have solutions, tools and equipment in place and ready so our partners spend more time and effort focusing on their opportunities, connecting with their customers and building their relationship as their trusted technology advisor.

MSP Partners can access their list of affected Windows 7 customers and focus on upselling them while we take care of the technical details. Our virtual sales managers are involved to ensure MSPs have talk tracks, as well as role play so they are able to overcome any potential objections with the Windows 7 conversations. Our Onboarding Team is taking orders, sharing proven processes, providing documents, managing projects and assisting our MSP partners in migrating their customers in the most efficient way possible. And thanks to our parent company GreatAmerica Finanical Services, Collabrance Partners enjoy the ability to offer Hardware-as-a-Rental (HaaR®) to customers as a differentiator from competitors and transition them to an as-a-service model. HaaR (like HaaS but does not require the MSP to take the financial risk), is a one-invoice solution to bundle all hardware, software, installation and services into budget friendly payments. Partnerships with a Master MSP are a good option for some IT solution providers, especially those who have several end-user customers to migrate quickly and effectively yet this year.

To help you reach out to your Windows 7 users, download our customizable flyer to start the conversation or remind them you’re ready to help proactively them take action now.


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