How to Fix Low Lead Generation Results for MSPs

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Feb 26, 2019

Webinar Above: 5 Strategies to Get More Lead Gen Results with Kendra Lee from KLA Group (February 2019).

Increase Qualified Leads in Your Managed Services Sales Funnel

If you struggle with lead generation, you’re not alone. Across the IT channel, this area of marketing is a thorn in the side of many Managed Services Providers (MSPs). In most survey results I’ve seen, including Datto’s:

Channel partners consistently say securing new leads or converting their leads into sales is one of their top challenges.

So, what gives? If you’re putting in the time, effort and money to generate qualified leads, but not getting the results you want, it can be a frustrating endeavor. Before you throw in the towel on your lead gen strategy, there are three key indicators that could be the reason your results are low. Fixing just one of these could be what you need to get your managed services leads funnel flowing again.

3 Key Indicators to Assess When Your Managed Services Leads are Low

GreatAmerica Financial Services recently teamed up with Kendra Lee, founder of KLA Group and marketing savant, to hold a webinar to help MSPs get better results from their lead generation efforts. Kendra covered a lot of great information on how to get better lead generation results, including setting the right goal, what elements your plan needs, and the ideal mix of lead generation and sales activities to use. However, what stood out the most to me was the top indicators you should look at and change if you aren’t getting producing the number of qualified leads you’re looking for.

#1 – Your MSP Prospect List Isn’t Warm Enough

Once you have your prospect list, it’s important to consider what stage the contacts are at in your sales process. Is your list warm or cold? Are your leads engaged and ready for sales?If you buy a list from a company, it’s likely that most of the contacts will be cold. They won’t have any knowledge or past experience of your company, which means you’ll be starting from scratch. You’ll have to alter your messaging to find what they’re interested in. Once you get that bite, you can nurture them to eventually become a hot lead for your sales team. (Reminder: Be sure to comply with spamming policies when it comes to purchasing lists).

On the other hand, if have a list of inbound or organic leads – maybe business cards from an event or visitors from your websites – then you have warm or lukewarm lists.

They already expressed some interest in your company or content, but they still need more communication and opportunities to engage. If you need more help creating your lists, check out the Prospect List Building Complete Checklist Kendra shared whether you’re looking to buy or build lists organically.

If your sales reps are calling cold or lukewarm leads, it’s not surprising their conversion rates may be low. Instead, take the time to market, nurture and engage the leads before they’re passed along to your sales team.

#2 – Your Sales Reps Aren’t Following Up with MSP Leads

The second most common reason lead generation fails is because there’s no sales follow up. This one comes as no surprise. If no one picks up the phone to call your leads, then you won’t get results. While it’d be ideal if your leads reached out to you directly to schedule an appointment, but that is rarely how it works. According to Kendra, it can take two to three years of consistent communication before a lead will proactively reach out to you, if at all. Reaching out first will cut that cycle length down.

Have a system in place to determine when a lead is warm enough to be contacted by sales, and double-check that the follow through is there.

The faster you follow up with a lead after they reach out, the higher chance you have for more engagement and setting up an appointment.

#3 – You’re Sending the Wrong MSP Marketing Message

The third and final indicator to assess is what message you’re sending to your prospect list. With the wrong message, they aren’t going to pay attention. To determine the correct message, you have to know where they are at in their buy cycle in order to connect with them.

Whether it’s on your website or in your emails, you’ll want to consider this cycle. Kendra goes more in depth and explains the buy cycle on the webinar, but I’ll give you a brief overview of the stages most leads are in: awareness, interest and desire. Unawareness is when the prospects don’t know they have a problem.

Let’s say that you’re trying to sell security services.

  • When they’re in the Awareness Stage, they realize that cybersecurity exists and that they should be thinking about it, but they aren’t ready to do anything yet.
  • When they’re at the Interest Stage, they start taking some and begin to do research. Checking how secure they are, seeing if they need more than just a firewall, and so on.
  • Finally, at the Desire Stage, they realize they need to do something and are ready to find their solution.

So, you can see how if your leads are only in the awareness stage, but you’re sending them messages about how you can secure their network or what software you use as though they’re already looking for a solution, then your message will miss its mark. See what messages resonate with your list, and hone in on those to communicate effectively and guide them down the cycle.

Examine Your Lead Generation Strategy or Build Your Action Plan

With these in mind, you should be able to pull out your magnifying glass and examine your existing lead gen plan.

Ask yourself: Are your leads warm enough? Are you following up with sales calls? Does your message match what your leads are looking for? Making changes to even one of these will boost your results.

On the other hand, if you’re looking just starting your MSP lead generation strategy, then you’ll be on your way to a solid foundation by keeping these three metrics in mind. To help you build your action plan and kick off your lead gen plan, I’d recommend viewing the webinar recording. You’ll get all this information and more as Kendra will give you 5 strategies to get more results from your efforts.

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