Aligning Your MSP Value Proposition to Sell Security First

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Mar 13, 2019

Image Above: Steve Hoover and Lorrie Poland in the Collabrance NOC enjoy a pizza food day!

Pizza, Security and MSPs?

It is no secret the MSP marketplace is extremely saturated. And the struggle to differentiate is ever increasing. Anyone with an RMM tool can tout 24x7 support. A few phone calls later you’ve got a UTM and BDR solution as well. Sprinkle in a little O365 and voila! If this was 2017, you just successfully built an MSP. Of course there’s more to it than that, surely. But not in your customers eyes… or their wallet.

“We know our customers better. We care more. We have faster response times…” said everyone, ever.

Selling on these “permissions to play” doesn’t cut it anymore. This quickly turns into a race to the bottom. Those who are the most “cost-competitive” usually win. And being the cheapest generally is not a long-term business plan.

So what’s next you may ask? Security.

Pepperoni, Sausage and Security

Having an MSP 1.0 offering and caring more is the equivalent of a grocery store selling frozen pizzas against the likes of a niche Chicago deep dish pizza shop. They both sell pizzas right? This is true. But the value of the restaurant expands well beyond the pizza – with service, beverage options, atmosphere, no clean up, and (depending on the day’s activities…) leftovers for tomorrow. You can easily drop around $50 on that deep dish beast and you’re happy about it! There’s no dollar per pound calculation or menu shock… you’re there for an experience.

Which brings us to this very important point…

Businesses are always willing to spend more based on your value proposition.

But the perceived value of your managed services offering is determined by the prospect, not you. So it starts with a clear needs assessment and genuine understanding of their pain points. Unless of course, your value proposition is how inexpensive you are… back to the frozen pizzas.

Selling Value

Shifting over to technology for a moment and perhaps the point of this article – Selling security services is not a matter of checking off this box or that box, nor is it just about the BIG events. These services are about keeping their customer’s focused on their core business and offloading the security operations, efficiencies, and risk. The value of this solution is not in the commodity of the tools or gear, but rather the knowledge, preparation, and readiness you bring in addition to a deeper understanding of the new and evolving risks.

Selling Security

Learning to position security first will undoubtedly generate more activity with a higher dollar per seat. If you’ve lost a deal due to your current security offering or lack thereof... join the discussion with Collabrance and The Wiser Agency on how we are empowering our clients to take the next step in protecting their business against current and future threats.

Security Webinar for MSPs

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