End User Benefits of Financing with Hardware as a Rental (HaaR®)

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Apr 30, 2019

How MSPs Should Position HaaR® to their Customers to Close More Deals

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a well-known term within the MSP industry; however, the term Hardware as a Rental (HaaR) is becoming increasingly popular among MSPs and their customers. For good reason.

In a recent webinar hosted by GreatAmerica, account manager Zach Patterson sits down to briefly explain HaaR and why more and more MSPs are choosing to position HaaR as a solution to their customers. Here’s a summary of what Zach explained:

What is HaaR?


HaaR is a financing solution offered by GreatAmerica that enables MSPs to package hardware, software, project costs, licenses, and managed services into a single recurring monthly payment for their customers. Additionally, your MSP does not bear the financial risk associated with HaaS. So, as an MSP, if your end user customer goes belly up or stops paying, GreatAmerica suffers, not you.

Overcome Objections and Position HaaR to Close More Deals

MSPs reap a list of benefits by implementing HaaR into their solution offering. However, some MSPs face push back from customers who are stuck in the mindset of wanting to own their equipment, as opposed to consuming it monthly.

So...how can MSPs position monthly payment options as a growth opportunity for their clients?

Determine how they are consuming their current technology. They are probably consuming solutions like cloud services, SaaS, and managed services on a monthly basis. Why should they treat hardware any differently?

Think about it this way...most current iPhone users pay to use their device through a monthly plan, as opposed to purchasing the device and services outright. Through this monthly plan, iPhone users receive unlimited talk, text, and data, and after their plan is complete, they are able to upgrade to the newest iPhone and continue the plan with similar monthly payments.

So, the question to your customer becomes: Do you want to own the hardware, or use the hardware? If you want to own, do the benefits of owning the hardware until it dies outweigh the benefits of consuming the hardware monthly and upgrading after the term of the plan?

Because HaaR is most likely a new concept for end user customers, GreatAmerica put together a HaaR Marketing Toolkit to help MSPs position HaaR to their customers as a total financing solution. Feel free to check it out, as it is stocked with templated email messages, website descriptions/videos, a brochure, sales pitches, and many other valuable marketing tools.

End-User Benefits of HaaR

End user customers who have financed with HaaR relayed how bundled monthly financing has helped them grow their business. Our MSPs end user customers reported benefits ranging from:

Predictable Monthly Costs:

Instead of dropping a large amount of cash on big IT spends upfront, end user customers can rely on a predictable monthly cost that allows them to budget and save for business growing activities.

Preserve Cash for Core Business Activities:

Because there is no need for a large purchase of IT equipment, cash can be invested into core business activities. By preserving cash, end users can focus on marketing/sales efforts and other strategic initiatives to help grow their business.

Proactive Technology Updates:

Technology is evolving at an accelerated rate and customers who purchase their IT equipment with cash find it difficult to keep up-to-speed with the ever changing technology environment. Instead of making a large investment on the front end, MSP customers are finding success in consuming their technology monthly because they are able to refresh at the end of term. End users no longer have to settle for subpar IT equipment and can differentiate themselves from competitors through proactive technology updates.
“We have been able to improve our clients’ technology environment when they did not think they had it in the budget to refresh.” –Tasha Hepburn, Operations Director of Solid Networks Inc.

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