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Apr 16, 2019

Image Above: AJ Schroeder, Account Manager at Collabrance, attends CharTec Sales Lab (March 2019).

CharTec Sales Lab Helps MSPs Increase Close Rate

I recently attended the CharTec Sales Lab facilitated by Alex Rogers, and found it to be one of the most intense sales trainings for MSPs looking to increase their managed services sales! CharTec Sales Lab is an intense week long boot camp that culminates in giving the presentation pitch and closing the deal in order to graduate!

Selling in the IT Channel

The problem is the IT solutions no longer sell themselves. Services in the Managed IT space have become a commodity. The “best” BDR solutions, firewalls, antivirus, remote monitoring/remediation, etc. no longer distinguish you.

“But our business is different!” Is it..? In a room full of sales people from all over the country, Alex asks “What do you do better?” In other words, what makes your business better than the one you’re sitting next to?

Almost 90% of MSPs in the room said they were better at response time, followed by customer service, smart technicians and communication.

It was pretty eye opening knowing a majority of MSPs are saying the same things as 90% of their competitors. Not only are most MSPs selling the same value proposition, we are solution selling. Meaning we are trying to get as many of our solutions out to see if something sticks. Unfortunately, for a lot of sales people it would be better described as solutions vomit!

2 Ways to Differentiate Your MSP Sale with CharTec and QBS Teach

  1. Leverage Curiosity: Asking thoughtful questions and making prospects curious is the most effective way to engage them. People who are curious want to hear more, even asking you questions. You are now helping them versus selling them! It is near impossible to push someone away while asking for their help.
  2. Business Implications vs Business Issues: Speaking to business issues is just like solution selling, everyone is doing it. For example saying “Active Directory has former employees still enabled who can access your data,” is very different than saying, “you have former employees who still have access to your client files, bank accounts, invoicing, pricing, vendors, even your personal credit information.” Think about the meaning behind an issue and you’ll have countless business implications. Not only that, the real magic happens because implications evoke emotion. Being in sales I think we all know emotion and motivation are close friends.

Attend the Next CharTec Sales Lab

Everything has become a commodity in the MSP world. If you’re looking for a training that can help you increase your sales and differentiate, I’d highly recommend attending the next CharTec Sales Lab in Bakersfield, CA.


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AJ Schroeder, Account Manager at Collabrance, is responsible for helping service providers make the best use of their resources. AJ is a resource to help partners scale their MSP business more efficiently and profitably. AJ graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Economics.