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Apr 02, 2019

Image Above: Chris Buckman shares a day in the life working at Collabrance.

A Day in the Life of Chris Buckman, Service Desk Triage Specialist at Collabrance

Wake Up!

Its 5 AM. The sun won’t be up for a bit. Time to get ready for the day and leave enough time to grab a coffee before work.

On the way into the Collabrance Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk, I swing by 625 Coffee on the first floor of the GreatAmerica building and grab a cold brew. From there it is time to get everything loaded up on my computer. Before I log into my phone I check emails, tickets and messages from the night before.

Image Above: Enjoying an iced coffee from 625 Coffee while prioritizing various tasks at my desk.

Working in the Help Desk & NOC

At 7AM it’s game time! I log into my phone and start taking inbound calls from end user customers and subscribers. I can get calls from anywhere in the United States. Those calls may be in regard to a password reset all the way to a complete network outage. As a Master MSP we are prepared to handle just about anything IT.

As the morning rolls on I usually help anywhere between 5-15 subscribers. These numbers depend on call volume and the inquiry involved.

As a Triage Specialist, I am the first line of defense…and guide each support ticket I receive to the appropriate technician by following our ticket escalation process.

Image Above: The Collabrance ticket escalation and handling process.

In the NOC, we also have a “no walls” policy. We deliberately laid out our workstations in a non-linear design. Our X-Design allows for a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 tech to sit next to each other and be accessible when needed for questions and/or assistance. This helps cross train our techs by being exposed to how issues can and should be handled. Our technicians all face each other and are available to help one another on any calls or issues. This is all done to help ensure you will have an exceptional service experience.

Image Above: Some of my Collabrance team members hard at work in the NOC (Network Operations Center).

Expanding Career with Marketing Interests

You are probably wondering, “What is a Triage Specialist doing speaking about marketing?” That’s a fair question. I actually earned my marketing degree before falling into the tech industry. Between working in the NOC and having an education in marketing, I have developed a strong interest in helping our marketing team grow Collabrance.

In my opinion, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing are exciting types of marketing because they blur the lines between tech and marketing.

Image Above: Marketing meeting with the strategic marketing director of Collabrance.

Many mid-mornings I meet with the Collabrance Director of Strategic Marketing to go over company goals and projects. These discussions cover all things marketing. In the latest meeting Brittney, our SEO consultant, and I went over the details of our search engine optimization plan. These meetings allow us to review what is working and what isn’t. This helps us use our time and resources more efficiently in the future.

I’m in the process of being trained on all the different things we’re doing in marketing. Marketing is a broad topic, and our vision includes someday having marketing SMEs in certain facets, just like we do on the technical side.

2nd Half of the Day

After lunch it’s back to business. In the last 3 hours of my day I man the phones and make sure our clientele is taken care of. Customer Satisfaction is always top of mind for us. In fact, at Collabrance we have been able to maintain a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate from our subscribers.

I try my hardest to resolve the customer’s inquiry as efficiently as possible while creating a positive customer experience.

For example, a subscriber called into the Help Desk and needed one of her employees added to a specific security group. This would allow the user to have access to a secure company folder. From start to finish this request was completed in under 10 minutes. A customer survey is sent out after every ticket completion. They are able to rate their experience and leave comments. For example, this is the survey response that was given for the ticket I told you about above: Chris is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with! He very easily and effectively completes my tickets. LOVE LOVE LOVE when Chris answers the phone when I call.”

This type of response is what every one of our technicians wants to see. This is why we do it.


Image Above: A customer provides feedback about my level of service through a help desk satisfaction survey.

After Work

When I get home I am greeted by my girls, Eva (Rottweiler) and Kimber (German shepherd). We usually go for a walk or play in the back yard. After playing outside its time for dinner and a nap (for them). I load up my bike and head to the trails.

Image Above: The smiling faces I get to come home to every day.

Collabrance LLC is constantly growing and always looking for good people to grow with us. Follow the link below to learn more about current opportunities.

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Chris Buckman

Chris Buckman, Triage Support Specialist, is responsible for being the first point of contact for our subscribers technical inquiries. Before coming to Collabrance, Chris was a Sales Support Specialist at a major technology company. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at the University of Iowa.