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May 28, 2019

Image Above: Presentations from Trust X Alliance event highlighting managed security services in the IT Channel.

Are your security services winning or losing you more deals?

Last week, Collabrance had the opportunity to participate in the Trust X Alliance in Savannah, GA where cyber security was a hot topic. It has become apparent that cyber security is a huge need across the MSP industry. MSP’s are seeking guidance on how to position themselves as managed security service providers (MSSPs) capture more opportunity and help protect their customers with the security needs they seek.


Image Above: In a TechValidate Survey with GreatAmerica and Collabrance, almost 90% of MSPs confirmed they have lost customers because they needed more security services that they were not providing.

Customers not only want, but they need a security solution they feel confident will protect their information and data. This is a growing pain point for customers, and as we continue to see more and more cyber security incidents, the need for managed security services is only going to continue to increase.


Image Above: In the same TechValidate Survey, those who are providing security solutions reported capturing larger MRR opportunities and winning business that the other 90% are losing.

3 Tips to Position Yourself as an Expert in Cyber Security to Win Clients

If adding cyber security can win you larger managed services contracts, a robust security offering which is needed.

  1. Listen for Pain Points: Cyber security is clearly a pain point for subscribers. So when talking to your customers, seek to understand what keeps them up at night: compliance pressure, intellectual property, customer data, backup plan, reputation risk, etc.
  2. Align Your Sales and Marketing: Implications of these types of pain points and your solution should all be part of the content you are sharing upfront. Prior to a prospect ever talking with a sales rep, you should be sharing best practices for them to self-educate through emails, blogs, newsletters, etc.
  3. Provide a Solid Security Solution: First and foremost, you need the right tools… then comes the process, people, best practices, training, infrastructure and design. There are a lot of different parts that go into an MSSP solution, and the reality is you can’t be best-in-class for all of it. Focus on what you are good at and look for the right partners you can leverage to do the rest. With the help of other security subject matter experts, you will confidently be able to position yourself as an MSSP in the IT Channel.

Cyber Security Prospecting Example for the Healthcare Vertical

In the healthcare industry, here are some pain points examples you could seek to understand their current state and needs.

  • Brand protection: A lot of healthcare companies are in the news due to data incidents. This is something they are seeing every day, and wondering how they prevent this from happening.
  • Secure connectivity: Healthcare providers connect too many sources which can increase their risk of a data breach and are need of secure solutions.
  • Unified security platform: An average healthcare system uses over 11 security solutions… and they are usually ineffective. They need one source to aggregate events for network & endpoint.

When talking to healthcare prospects, you can position yourself as a cyber security subject matter expert by addressing these pain points and providing them a solution. This will help differentiate you and position yourself as an expert to ultimately win more MRR clients.

Free Customizable Healthcare Marketing Toolkit for MSPs

Use these marketing materials to raise awareness in the healthcare industry on how you can help them as a managed service provider.

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