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Jun 11, 2019

Image Above: Collabrance Help Desk Technicians receive WOW! Awards for providing amazing customer service experiences.

Why Help Desk techs shouldn’t assume IT issues, but instead listen to the end user first.

On any given day, a Managed IT Help Desk technician can take a lot of calls. Most reputable MSPs have a technology stack they try to stick with. Having a standardized tech stack means a lot of the day-to-day end-user IT issues should be well known by techs. For example, if someone’s email application isn’t syncing their new email messages, most technicians are going to know exactly what to do. After a good amount of time, Help Desk techs have heard most of the common IT issues and are quick to jump in and get started on their solution. However, assuming you know what the IT problem is can be a major flaw in customer service.

Can you relate?

Let’s pretend you took your car into the mechanic's shop. The issue you are having is a vibration in your steering wheel. While you are explaining the details of what is happening, the mechanic cuts you off and says, “oh you just need an alignment, that’ll be $70.” Then they quickly start working on your car’s alignment. How do you feel? You are probably a little frustrated because the mechanic didn’t let you finish your explanation.

Now you have your car back. As you drive away you have the same vibration in your steering wheel. The mechanic failed to successfully fix the issue the first time. When you bring the car back you continue your explanation of the issue. You mention you found a metal clip next to your front tire a day or two ago and that’s when the issue started. The mechanic looks at the wheel and sees there is no wheel weight on your driver’s side wheel. They balance the wheel and the vibration is gone.

So what’s the point of this example? The point is the mechanic didn’t let you finish your explanation about what you were experiencing. They have now wasted your time and money. The mechanic also looks foolish because they did more work than necessary to get the job done the right way. Had they let your finish your thoughts, your visit would have been much quicker and a lot cheaper.

How does listening first impact MSPs?

This can often happen in the IT Channel. A Help Desk tech can make an assumption on what the IT issue is without actually listening to the end-user.

"Making assumptions can be detrimental to your customer’s satisfaction. If they are not happy, do you think they will want to continue paying your company?"

Some MSPs rely on technical knowledge and resolutions alone to "wow" their customers. Other MSPs invest in certified training to help technicians develop their soft skills and keep service delivery top of mind. Employing the proven tactics taught will help ensure the end user has the best experience possible. Every technician on the Collabrance Help Desk & NOC has been through a rigorous hiring process to ensure they are a good fit for our company and our customers. They are also put through an HDI certification course prior to helping users. This course reinforces customer service best practices and the KCS principles.

Customer Satisfaction HDI Certified

While delivering a first-class customer IT experiences, the Collabrance Help Desk & NOC have consistently averaged a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

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