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Jul 23, 2019

Image Above: Lorrie Poland, share items from The GreatAmerica Experience Committee on ways to keep culture top of mind.

How do your team members regularly highlight your company culture?

One of the things I love about working at Collabrance and GreatAmerica is our company culture. We have clearly defined principles and standards which help all employees understand who we are and what we are about, regardless of position or title. I’m proud to be a member of our “GreatAmerica Experience Committee,” where I get to help remind others of our culture and find ways to keep it top of mind. In this blog, I’ll share more about our principles, standards and ways we try to keep it thriving every day.w

GreatAmerica Principles

    • We deliver on our commitments and provide excellence.
    • We are solution driven, tenacious, and rise to the occasion.
    • We live our values with utmost integrity.
    • We trust and treat each other with respect.
    • We build enduring relationships and are committed to mutual success.
    • We create an environment conducive to greatness and to a positive image of GreatAmerica and Collabrance.
    • We celebrate successes, share rewards, and make time for fun.
    • We continuously enhance value through innovation and improvement.
    • We look at the whole picture.
    • We create opportunities for growth and take charge of the future.

GreatAmerica Standards

    • I will answer the phone within two rings with a smile in my voice.
    • I will provide one call resolution for incoming calls.
    • I will respond to customer request in less than one hour.
    • I will ensure my actions are driven by my intent to have a mutually rewarding relationship with my customers.
    • I will make certain I have coverage to meet my customers' needs.
    • I will proactively understand my customers' needs and make sure processes are in place to guarantee an exceptional customer experience.

Above all, every interaction with my customers will demonstrate my genuine passion for their success. EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME.

The GreatAmerica Experience Committe

At GreatAmerica, it is important we lead with our standards and principles from day one at all levels to help new hires understand our company culture. In fact, at both GreatAmerica and Collabrance, we hire based on company culture fit and attitude first, aptitude second. While it is important to share our standards and principles within our first interactions, it is just as important to find ways to embrace it on an ongoing basis.

To keep culture thriving, team members can join The GreatAmerica Experience Committee where they are empowered to encourage others to regularly keep our standards and principles top of mind.

Your culture committee can include as many or as few team members as desired, whatever works best for you. At GreatAmerica, each business unit has its own GreatAmerica Experience Committee; ours is comprised of six people in various roles at Collabrance (I.e. techs, sales, support, etc.).

It is easy to become a bit complacent in the day-to-day work responsibilities and forget why we are here doing what we do. This is one reason why it is so important for companies to not only have a mission and vision, but to spell out what you expect from your employees.

Our company principles and standards speak to the type of excellence we want to achieve within the customer service we deliver, and expectations of how we treat each other.

As a member of the GreatAmerica Experience Team, I enjoy finding ways to help others look at the whole picture with our standards and principles.

Ways to Keep Culture Top of Mind

Our GreatAmerica Experience Committee meets quarterly and picks three principles or standards to focus on for the next 3 months. Together we brainstorm and discuss ideas for what kind of fun activities/reminders can be implemented, come up with a plan and assign responsibilities to execute.


Image Above: Scavenger Hunt in the office that highlighted different ways we provide excellence.

IMG_0946.JPG hunteranderic.jpg

Image Above: Two cookies were placed at team member’s desks, one was an Oreo and one was a generic brand.
Between our principles and standards, the effort and detail we put into our interactions with our customers sets us apart. “There are lots of cookies… just one Oreo.”

Other Activity Ideas:

  • Quizzes About the Company
  • Office Scavenger Hunts
  • Presentation
  • Quick Games
  • Digital Signage Reminders
  • Email Communications
  • Team Message Boards

Embrace Company Culture Every Day

As each principle and standard is important in their own right, “We look at the whole picture,” tends to sum up for me what the GreatAmerica Experience is about. I admire how our standards and principles highlight our values, integrity, commitment, being tenacious, building relationships, etc., whether internal with my teammates or external with our customers.

GreatAmerica and Collabrance have built a culture where we are more than just a profit and paycheck, we care about customer AND employee satisfaction.

The GreatAmerica Experience Committee is one of the ways we remind each other of what is truly important and how we can work together to continue this culture throughout all aspects of our company. If company culture is just as important to you, consider applying for one of our current openings!


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Lorrie Poland

Lorrie Poland, a Technical Support Dispatcher II at Collabrance since 2014, enjoys a variety of tasks in addition to her primary role dispatching IT service requests in the NOC. Lorrie also helps manage inventory, complete billing tasks, and write the internal team newsletter. She joined the IT industry with a career change in 2011.