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Technicians Customer Service Week Celebration

Aug 27, 2019

Image Above: Technicians enjoying a lunch celebration during Customer Service Week.

Customer Service Week for the IT Channel

The morning sun is showing up later these days, kids are back in school and Labor Day is right around the corner. All of these events signify summer ending and the fall season approaching. Fall makes me think of football games, cooler nights sleeping with the windows open, backyard fire pits and celebrating Customer Service Week!

Held the first full week in October each year, Customer Service Week reminds us in the IT service industry of the importance of service delivery and celebrates those who serve and support end-user customers.

As a Master MSP, the exceptional IT service experiences our team provides to both the Service Providers we work with, as well as their end-user customers are critical to our principles and standards that act as the foundational success of our growing company.

The Magic of IT Service

Customer Service Week is so important to us that I usually start planning in late summer after I find out what the universal theme is for the year. Around the globe, organizations can use the same theme and messaging to celebrate the week. This year’s universal Customer Service Week theme is “The Magic of Service.” I’m really excited about this year’s theme! I’ve spent most of my adult life in service industries and truly believe it is a magical place to be. To have the opportunity to make someone’s day based on information and knowledge you possess is a pretty neat thing.

Planning & Celebrating Customer Service Week

MSPs dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences can also use Customer Service Week as an opportunity to recognize team members and celebrate with end-user customers.

Celebrating Customer Service Week doesn’t have to be expensive to be impactful.

Here are some ideas for ways to incorporate Customer Service Week for your MSP business:

Team Activities: Help the team understand how much they are appreciated for delivering The Magic of Service and how it impacts customers.

  • Host a food day
  • Games and puzzles that can be worked at their desk
  • Team-building and friendly-competition activities

Customer Activities: Remind customers they are top of mind for your business and as their trusted technology advisor, you’re here to help. You can also use this as an opportunity to re-engage with contacts to re-evaluate their IT needs.

  • Send a thank you note, email and/or video
  • Treat them to some special snacks in their office
  • Collect their compliments through online reviews

Many Customer Service Week ideas can be found online and at your local library.

Image Above: Collabrance team members compete in some friendly games at work during Customer Service Week.

Hiring & Retaining IT Professionals Dedicated to Service Excellence

As a service delivery leader, concerns that are top of mind are not only the experience customers are receiving from our Service Desk, but also the success, happiness and career development of our Collabrance IT team.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney

We believe this fully and you can see it throughout our company vision, mission and principles. Our hiring process is rigorous. We require a minimum of 3 interviews with varying team members. This process gives the candidate and our team ample exposure to see if the candidate will be a good fit. To give all new hires the same base knowledge, we have required team training, followed by specialized training based on their fields of interest and business needs.

Additionally, we have defined competencies and career pathing to ensure each team member has the opportunity to grow and advance at the pace that is right for them, and our company. We hold regular one-on-one meetings with direct reports, as well as skip-level meetings with the senior leadership team to give our employees a voice at every level.

Celebrate Customer Service Every Day

Customer Service Week is a great way to reflect and recognize on the experiences your IT team is able to provide to your managed services customers. However, this doesn’t have to just take place the first week of every October.

One of the ways we continually celebrate customer service is by reviewing our end-user satisfaction survey and nominate peers for a “WOW Award” who have gone above and beyond. These ongoing surveys are also great to identify areas of improvement and opportunity in addition to recognizing customer service excellence.

Is customer service also top of mind for your MSP business? Collabrance helps Service Providers enhance and maintain their reputations to keep their customers for a lifetime.

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